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How to blow an Aztec Death Whistle


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Sep 24, 2015
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I'm trying to set up a deterrent system and after a lot of thought I think I've figured out how to do this. This situation is fairly unique so I'm afraid suggestions other than the path I'm pursuing probably wouldn't apply. So I'd like to keep the discussion on the right path if at all possible. My goal is to create a continuous stream of air that would blow into an Aztec Death Whistle. Youtube it if you haven't heard one. The audio doesn't nearly do it justice. The 'whistle' takes a good amount of breath to get going. A full set of lungs only gets about 3-4 seconds out of the thing. What I've found to be a good source of air for the whistle is my 18v battery powered Ridgid small shop blower, using the smallest 2Ah battery. It's a small blower about 18" long. The whistle's full volume may be reached using somewhat less air than this blower on full, but that's generally the volume of air I'm talking about. This blower isn't designed to run continuously so another style of air mover would have to be used for the final model.

The requirements are that the system needs to be able to run on both house electric or battery power. Normally it should run on house power, but if the electric gets shut off it will switch to battery. I'm hoping to get some kind of battery setup that'll keep it running for about 2 hours before it runs out. The last requirement is that the whistle should not be heard to vary in tone at all if the house elec is shut off and the device has to switch to battery.

Sounds devious huh?

Any thoughts?

Hi . If I understood something, a scuba tank (~3000+ psi) with a regulator can provide a very long breath for nearly anything; the energy contained can be harnessed with ease for time or flow or pressure needed and the sum of them too.

* A car vac runs on DC. The larger the volume of air the more powerful motor it needs, drawing several Amperes. Probably a deluxe model which specifies large Ampere draw and a tendency to overheat if run longer than a few minutes.

* Radio control airplane enthusiasts have a wide choice of store-bought electric motors based on how much power they draw. Suitable for operating several minutes. Tolerant of various supply voltages and propeller size.

* Homebrew wind tunnel projects. Designed to move a high mass of air quickly.

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