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Need .Hex to .C converter

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Mar 9, 2007
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hex to c converter

hi there,
i need .hex file to .c file.. i have hex file for microcontroller AT89C51 and i want to make the source file from it. is it possible? plz reply.

convert hex to c

i dun think there are such thing in this world...

convert hex file to c

Hi! :D

I don't know if any such software exists but I am trying the same thing in excel (Programming with macros). I compile my code written in machinecode (I don't know C) to .hex files which I upload to 89Cxx via compiler. but now I am writing the simulator and hex debugger in the same.


converting hex to c

Terminator Electricity said:
it is not possible ,, c is a high level language

I don't know if such converter exists , but I think it is possible to be implemented .

converter hexa to c

All that I have learnt till today is nothing is impossible though it may be hard to do. C is intermidiate language.

convert .hex to c

well i appriciate if anyone found and share the converter.. well i think there must be something like convert .hex to .c onversion

.hex to .c

you can convert *.hex to *.asm, but *.asm to *.c I think is not possible.
Even if a good software can do that, the final *.c file will have random names for variables, not related to the specific aplication and no comments --so it will be hard for you to understand what the programmer wanted to do in the first place.

asm2c converter

Can someone share a hex to asm converter for a INTEL 80C196 microcontroller ?

I have a disassembler for 8051 - Thanks

convert .c to .hex



from HEX to ASM work ...... but ..... it's very hard to read the code

regards SYRAX

.hex to .c converter

Hello dudes,

nice chat )) ofcouse convesion from *.hex to *.asm to *.c
is possible ..
I am looking for this software a long time, need to
maintaining old assembler projects ..

the story: *.hex -> *.asm disassebler
*.asm -> *.c assembler to c converter

Its not so easy. you have to transform assembler files
in some stages : transf. routines one by one and build C project
as new project b/c all stuff converter can not stranslate .. but
the goal job is that u have asssembler routines rewriten in C routines..

I remember in old days: u can catach translator for free, but now
I need it its not for free ..
Dudes unite the forces and find out this translators ..
here is something for the start .. i belive China dudes have something ..

upload the stuff please

my email:

regards keen


maybe this is possible but , how the prog know to make normal functions, ....

if this is made I think the result will be unreadable source with hard to undarstand function :)

regards from Bulgaria

hex convert to c

First click on the file you want to convert. Next single click on the file name, move the cursor to the end of the name with the right arrow, press three times backspace, then the character 'c' (or 'C' if you prefer) and return. You have just convert the .hex to a .c file! Asking for more is just wasting your time. (But maybe you have a lot of time...)
It is like you have a rendered .bmp file of a "3d cad" file and you are looking for a converter to traslate the .bmp file back to "3d cad"! ofcource its is possible, but for sure not easy and practical, and you need more information. "3d cad" as ".c" file means pretty much nothing. You need by definition detailed information from the compiler side that is used to generate the machine code. And ofcource if you want this you have to do a lot of work your own because such a "universal" and "magic" converter, simple doesn't exist. Ofcource also the size and complexicity of the code is propotional to the difficulty of the proccess. But I guess that you are not "need" so much to reverse a useless simple programm...
I think the only thing you can extract (relatively) easy is dissasembly raw code.

hex to c code

very nice, indeed, change the latters solve the problem,
I thought the used level is not the part of this forum,
this crap is not the part of any technical solution,
what is the reason you did not raed the links ? learn more
& pull up the level, respect others to get the same from oposite

Re: hex to c converter

itsfanidotcom said:
hi there,
i need .hex file to .c file.. i have hex file for microcontroller AT89C51 and i want to make the source file from it. is it possible? plz reply.
So! did anyone found any converter?

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