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Need help with making something light up

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Aug 3, 2015
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Hey guys

Im not sure if this the right place or even the right forum to post in.

I am trying to figure out how I can make something light up with i believe a frequency?

I want to make a LED light up when I touch two pins together but wirelessly

I think this is a simple thing to do but i am not good with electronics from scratch.

So i want an led thats on a circuit board light up when lets say some closes the door, which would make two pins touch together sending a single to the LED saying hey go on.

Anyone have any DIY or any ideas, any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you guys.


I want to make a LED light up when I touch two pins together but wirelessly

You should be more accurate. What do you mean with wireless?
Bluetooth is wireless, so is zigbee (which is almost dead) and so is wifi.
A simple loop of copper allows you to also transmit power wirelessly.
You may want to describe your system a bit better.


Sorry Dora

Sorry for not being accurate

I know Bluetooth is wireless which i was thinking about going this way but im not sure how long battery would last with that. zigbee i never heard of and dont want to do wifi.
im thinking maybe loop of cooper

I want to make a project with my kid.

make 3D design of a city skyline and within that i want to add LEDS were windows would be and LEDS for stars.
I want him to be able to push a button say on the other side of the room or 50 feet away and when he pushes and holds the button the lights go on. and if he pushes and holds another button the lights for the stars would go on.

I think a similar concept of a car alarm? im not sure if thats the right way of saying it but when you click lock or unlock your lights blink if you are within range so similar to that but pushing and holding the button and the lights stay on until its released. I know alarm remotes dont run of of blue tooth or wifi

im not sure what that type of connection or frequency this would be called.

Thank you for your help


Now I see better what you want to do.
Beware that a simple copper loop (or let's say a flat coil) can transmit wireless, but the problem
will be the disance. Forget about 15m! If you can reach 15mm, it will already be a performance.
Now if you want some very simple transmission mean, why not using IR led? This way, you can
reuse your TV (or any other) remote control. For example the remote contreol of your old TV that
you just trashed.
Advantages: it's quite easy to use, easy to implement. If you just want to detect whether a button
has been pressed or not, you can do it with a plain IR receiver, even without microcontroller.
Now if you want to decode which button has been pressed, then you need some logic and a microcontroller
might be one good solution. There are cheap TI boards around 10 ~ 15 USD that can do that
without too much trouble. I have published some source code for a custom board, but this can be
reused with any TI MSP430 board with minor modification. If you look for C-01 LED blinker,
you should find it. Not only code, but also explanation of how / why it works. There are about 15
sources right now. I will add an infrared source code, that's a good idea (my custom board has
an IR decoder). By the way, it's called ReoBoard. Stay tuned!


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