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[SOLVED] Need help with CADSTAR origins

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Nov 29, 2012
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What is the difference between the two text origins "Component Name" and "Component Name 2" ?

Do they have the same value?

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I found an answer on the net. Translated it to english with google translate :)

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You can add two names of components that can coexist in two different positions on two
different layers (eg screen printing (Silkscreen) and equipment (Assembly)). Both names
"Component Name" and "Component Name 2" will be identical in value. Changing one
the other change automatically.
The position of the second component name defaults to the component origin (origin
It is possible to control the position by adding a specific origin called "Component
Name 2 "when editing or creating PCB component.

To explain the use of both names in English without a translation.

Component Name is for the silkscreen name, your component will have a component name origin on the silkscreen layer.
This can be place in the position that you would prefer the name to be when added to the board or just placed centrally so that when bought onto the board the component can be placed without interfering with any other component.
You select the text code that you want the name displayed in.

Component Name 2 is for the assembly name, in your component you place an origin for this on the Top Assembly layer and in the text code of your choice.
It will duplicate the component name.
I would recommend that it is placed centrally within the body of the component and in a large text code that is encompassed by the outline yet not too big, not too small (So it is easily readable on the assembly drawing).

If you do not put an origin for either names in your component then when bought into the PCB the names will be located at the position of the component origin and on the layer specified and text code chosen in the defaults\text tab.

So if you intend to use ODB++ ensure you use an origin in the component or change your defaults to put the attributes on another layer.

Prior to the release of component name 2 we would add attributes to do the same job using external programs, I have had about 3-4 different names on different layers this way - each one with the same value.
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Thank you for the reply

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