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Need help on FYP project ( Portable security system)

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Feb 28, 2010
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Hi everyone,

i am new here. I am currently just about to start on my FYP project which is portable security system using PIC.

My idea is as below:
The system will react to turning of door knob, pushing/opening of door/windows and movement in the house/building/hostel room/hotel room. When the system detect any of these activities described, the alarm will sound. AND HERE IS THE PROBLEM:

When the alarm sound, it should send a notification to the handphone and the handphone will actually call the preset number to notify the owner about the intrusion. I had seen examples for people using a house phone, but since my project is about PORTABLE, i wish to use a handphone, may be?
Can anyone guide me or explain to me is that possible for my project to use a handphone as a communication device? And any suggestion what kind of handphone is advisable to use?

I really need help on this topic as i need to make all things clear.

Thank you so much...

I know GSM module can work too, but then i am on tight budget (i have to fund myself for the project ) , thats why preferably i would like to use handphone as i have a few unused handphones such as SE K700, C905, Samsung xxx.

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