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Need help about Dll file - programs or tools

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Mar 22, 2002
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Need help about Dll

Hi to all,
I need help
Do you have any tool used to extract function list with arguments from a dll file?
Please help...

There are tools for extracting function names at internet but i dont want these programs. These programs gives only func1 name. I want (for example)
int func1(int *) like output?
Any tool, program will be helpful

I don't think what you want is possible. From a pure DLL you can get only the function names. If you want more you need to get a lib file, or the documentation of the DLL.
Of course you can load into a debugger and manually try to see what is going on...

i know it is possible that there is/are program(s) that extracts functions' all arguments but i dont know its name.

I only want to use a dll function with my program written with c++.
But debugger idea may be good. Do you know how can i do that?

One tool I can think of is tdump.exe from Borland, but I don't thing you get the full function details from it. Anyway, you can download at **broken link removed**
There are other tools that extract the full information, but will only work with VB DLLs, or other specialized DLLs.
In order to proceed with a debugger, load in the debugger the program that uses the DLL, and trap the calls to the function names (which you may learn by using tdump). Once you break on a function call, you can try and guess what are the parameters from looking at what is pushed on the stack, but you may of course be wrong.
As a debugger I recommend SoftICE, but other debuggers will do as well.

please give name of the tools to extract full information from dll or say how can i search it

thanx, i will try them
now that is the problem
there is an exe file uses dll file and i want to know which functions it uses in dll.

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