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need ATMEGA16 C code example

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atmega16 interrupt example

Atmel is quite good with datasheets and you will find examples for most common use in the datasheet.

atmega c code

which compiler you use?
i use code vision
if you use that tell me to i send for you some simple example

atmega16 code examples

thank , micro4000
can you send me example code for available ADC (10bit) and Analog comparator on uC, some code about TWI(I2C bus) ,and SPI , Jtag ...etc..

Added after 1 hours 14 minutes:

hello all friends
I'm using ATMega16.and I have met some problem!
how can I choose internal RC osc by selecting CKSEL3..0 , I can't find which register name the same it i can program it by C (Win_AVr)

atmega16 c

I realy don´t know how to do fusebits changes i the code, i dont think it possible. I use ponyprog or some other flash software (AVRStudio would work to).

Also avrdude(included with winavr, and probably the one u are using?) can handle fuses see **broken link removed**
atmega16 adc example

You can't change the clock source in software (at runtime), by writing a register.

The way to select a clock source is by programing the fuses in the programing software acording to the datasheet. I use Pony Prog, which has the option for fuse read/ fuse write. Set the CKSEL bits in - Write Security and Configuration Bits. Be careful not to block the device programming by the security bits.

You can generate *.hex file from WinAVR - makefile and use any programmer you have.

code for atmega16

i'll send for you some simple example
but till then you can use the help of code vision
that is the best book and example that i use that avrytime i need help
try that plz
i am sure you wont be sorry about that√√√

atmega16 examples

look at :
**broken link removed**

atmega16 coding

i recommend you to download codevisionAVR because it has a codewizard that help's you configuring the pins, timers, interrupts,...

this program its usefull for begginers

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