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need a NC Tactile pushbutton 6mm square

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Feb 15, 2010
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Muscat, Oman, Oman
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I needed a NC Tactile pushbutton in a project, I layed the PCB design and sent it to the FAB House and then I found that its very hard for them to find the Normal closed Tactile push-button.I needed a push-button that was normally closed (NC) and would open when pushed. Almost every tactile push-button is normally open (NO) and closed when pushed.So, does anyone know of a standard-width, compact-height, through-hole, tactile push-button in a normally closed state? I am using 6mm square tactile Push-button footprint.

I think, the restriction to N.O. is given by the design principle of these switches, that use spring disc ("contact dome") as contact element. I fear, you won't find a different type, "hard to find" misses the point. I would rather think about inverting the signal in some electronical way. In some situations, a depletion mode MOSFET may be helpful as a N.C. acting electronic switch.
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so i got some replies on the post also, i think its better to share that here ...

the one with 6x6mm Nc from a chinese brand omtron electronics. ?-??? ??-???????...?

you can keep check the post for updated links
in smd u can find an american brand E-switch
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Interesting, none of the major manufacturers, e.g. OMRON ever offered a N.C. type. Thanks for sharing the info.

Presuming, the device uses a contact dome, too. I'm curious if it achieves the same reliability the N.O. types are known for.

I am not aware where are you from. But if your requirement is the same as it is shown in the picture in the link in your first post, such tact switches with different knob length's are available through out 90% of component vendors across India. Cheers

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