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Necessary things for BGA soldering

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Apr 13, 2012
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I'm preparing for my first BGA soldering and have to plan shopping list. My aim are FPGA chips. I have Jovy IR station and chips with balls. I know there is many descriptions in web, I read some threads, but not all is obvious for me so I want to ask directly. So what else I need? Especially what kind of chemicals?

1. The obvious thing is flux. I saw in Jovy's videos that they use gel flux and they say that it is not necessary to clean it after soldering. But it is possible to buy other kinds of flux: standard or no-clean; gel, liquid, foam... What do you recommend to buy? How does it depend of soldered chip? If I should choose some flux which I have to clean, how to do it?

2. Solder pasta. I suppose it is not necessary in this case. It could be useful if I'd like to reball. Is it true?

3. Could you advise anything else?

EDIT: I read that I shouldn't trust no-clean fluxes. It is always better to clean it. People use two methods for cleaning: 1. about 120 degrees hot air to remove it under chip and then IPA cleaning. 2. Ultrasound cleaner with IPA.
And people say that some fluxes are better for reflow, some are better for reballing.
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If this is your first time board, my suggestion is to go to a good Assembly house and have them put it for you. If there is a problem you will not know if this is a design problem or an assembly problem.

Yes, I know. But I want to learn BGA soldering. This is why I have prepared quite simple test board with not expensive BGA chip. The board is reviewed by my colleague. I could check after soldering all the IO ports. I know that I can destroy it but don't see other way to learn it, finally have to try.

I choosed 6502 from Kester. Hope it is not bad choice.

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