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NEC archives with 3D pictures

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First you must generate output data and than you can see that in 3D.

Still I could not..Getting message like "grafix hardwere driver not installed". :( Is it due to directX ? My all drivers are OK.

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goxy said:
First you must generate output data and than you can see that in 3D.

You must do this:
1. make dir: c:\4nec2
2.unpack into c:\4nec2
3.unpack into c:\4nec2\exe
4.unpack and files msvbvm60.dll and msflxgrd.ocx put into :
C:\Windows\System if you have Windows 95,98,ME
or C:\Winnt\System32 if you have Windows XP/NT/2000 START>RUN and enter
for Windows 95,98,ME : REGSVR32.EXE C:\Windows\System\msvbvm60.dll and click OK and than again put
REGSVR32.EXE C:\Windows\System\msflxgrd.ocx and click OK
For Windows XP/NT/2000 : REGSVR32.EXE C:\Windows\System32\msvbvm60.dll and click OK and than again put
REGSVR32.EXE C:\Windows\System32\msflxgrd.ocx and click OK
5.I have Win ME and Win XP and I no need files for directx.
6.That's all!


I think that NEC4 is only available in higher cost commercial versions.

Now they are working. The problem was with 1024x800 pixel and 24 bit color. I had to change the resolution to get the thing done. Now see those colors

BTW can sombody tell me how nec2 and nec4 are differ from each other? I know second one is not free.

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command differences

Here are the command differences.

Go to **broken link removed** and select GNEC from the left menu and then select NEC4-support link from the text.

You will get a list of commands on NEC2 , 3, and 4. You can see which ones only 4 has.

In addition, there are probably less errors in the calculated results as the model number increases.

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