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Nanoroute problem during the DEF parsing

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Aug 16, 2005
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Hi I am getting the following problem in Nanoroute.

I have taken postCTS DEF from PC and trying to do detailed routing.But during the DEF parsing i am getting the following error.
Error: cell instance 'reg_aInvAdr[4]' does not exist in cell 'top' [ERR-NET-608]

I can see the instance in DEF file.what changes can i do.

Thanks in advance

Nanoroute Problem

HI coolrak,

I do not know the exact reason for your problem. But take this as a reference.
1. Exam your DEF file, PC will always write file with "\" letter. And some tools, such as Encounter can not recognize it. So remove all "\" in the DEF.

2. reg_aInvAdr[4] may be rename to reg_aInvAdr_4_ for instance name. Please check

Good luck

Re: Nanoroute Problem


correct me if i am wrong but you can do CTS only in you must have taken post CTS Def from astro...PC is just a placement tool...right

also is FE showing this error only for this one instance or any other instances?

Re: Nanoroute Problem

Hi zhustudio and draz,

Sorry for the delayed response. Draz you are right I am getting the post CTS data from Astro.My Error reads like this in the log

ERROR: <Error in callback> at line 20035 Last token was <;>
Error: def_parser: couldn't add connection of the signal aInvTagExe of index 0. [ERR-NET-354]
Error: cell instance 'reg_aInvAdr[4]' does not exist in cell 'top' [ERR-NET-608]
Error: DEF file: ../Src/ parsing failed. [ERR-INP-1847]

The corresponding DEF line looks like this.
20034 - aInvTagExe ( reg_aInvTagExe Q ) ( PIN aInvTagExe ) ( u14406 B0 )
20035 ( u50726 AN ) ( reg_aInvAdr[4] SI ) ;
20036 - aInvldDec ( u312684 Y ) ( PIN aInvldDec ) ;

Thanks in advance

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