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MySQL, PHP & Apache configuration help needed for newbie

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Jan 7, 2002
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Hi All,

I just install RH8.0 with option install everything.
Unfortunately, it seems like I can not run MySql, PHP dan Apache.
Is there any configuration setting needed after installation.
How to make them work and make a simple test.

Thanks in advance for your help.



You will need to dl php @ (if you dont have it)
Redhat installs the damn thing in some odd location as far as I can remember for the config files all over the place... I just get Apache and PHP by myself and start from scratch.

Compile it and add entries to your httpd.conf file.

Just read the README or INSTALL files in the php is really me :)

Dont build it as a static module though..that gets messy...use the dynamic module.

Also take note of the differences when using Apache ver 2.xx there are subtle differences, but it is all in the INSTALL file.

If you cant come right, the other option is to get the NuSphere package that installs it all (PHP, Apache, Perl and MySQL) for you
Another Option is to look on under PHP I think I saw some tools there to do the config for you - however I suggest doing it manually - you learn that way ;)

Lots of info at also...
If you still dont come right...PM me.

You never know maybe its working already though....
start apache (apachectl start)
make a small file in your htdocs directory test.php with the line


save and open in a browser...if shows a page...there you go ;)

It is true that the initial version of PHP, included in RH8.0 does not work very well but you can update your packages from RH network and then everithing will be OK.
To get working MySQL you should start service (From system menu). RH does not start MySQL by default. That is all you need to have working Apache, PHP and MySQL.
Take a look at your php.ini file!
Finaly check if you have instaled MySQL support for PHP.

Hi All,
Thanks for the advise.
Now I have successfully with MySQL.
For the Httpd2.0, I already can open the welcome page from Apache. Is this means the Apache already works?
For the PHP still can not see the page from <?php phpinfo() ?>.
Any further advise?

Thanks + Regards,

Tr2000 some system, apache 2 may not work, you can use 1.3x.

2.check your apache with "httpd -l", it will list all modules:
if you have "mod_php4.c", then php should be linked already,
just check your "httpd.conf" for the type php, "Addtype..."

3. if your apache is not linked with php, just uncomment
"AddModule mod_php4.c", the dynamic link should work.

4.if dynamic link not working, try static way, you have to compile
them yourself.

Honestly, I never use the precompiled binaries from RH,
just download the source of apache and php, and follow
the instruction, it will work fine.

Good luck~~

Hi All,
I already successful installing mysql & php. Thanks. For the apache (httpd 2.0) I can only access the site on the server computer. If I try to access from the client (Windows or Linux based), it is end up with some error. The error is something like : "The connection was refused when attemting to contact test1.linuxserver" in Mozilla Linux and in windows client the error is : "We can not find test1.linuxserver".

The ping for this site is OK from windows or Linux client.

Any body can help?

Thx + Rgds,

Really no one out there can help me ?


If your box actively refuses connection, it may be your firewall settings....remember when you installed RH, it asked you what security level you wanted?

I am not sure what tool one uses to reconfigure that option - I never use the firewall for my personal box. Check the must be there somewhere....

Also try to telnet the test machine from the client on port 80 and see what happens. If you get connection refused and apache is definately running, you have a fw issue...

I think the is a much more good place for talking about PHP, MySQL and related problems. there you can find many docs and comments on these topics.

Try to check your RH firewall configuration (IPChains and IPTables). First of all try the connection stopping these services. Check the folser permisions in the apache httpd.conf too.


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