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Multisim Problem - How do i change the x-axis?

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Jan 5, 2013
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How can i change the x-axis in a multisim dc sweep simulation so that there is not the sweeped value but another voltage?

But the sweep value is the voltage of a source, how can the X axis show something different?

But the sweep value is the voltage of a source, how can the X axis show something different?

In PSpice the value of x-axis can be any variable i want. Furthermore, do you know if there is a germanium diode in multisim? Eimai kai egw ellinas.

geia xara :lol:

There are two types of sweep, the DC sweep that sweeps a source so the X axis is a voltage and the parametric sweep that can sweep any parameter.
Your question was for DC sweep.

No idea about germanium diode.

Using other x-axis variables than the default ones (frequency, time, sweeped quantity) is possible for all analysis types, not only parametric sweep. This way you can e.g. plot a smith chart or Nyquist diagram in AC or a hysteresis characteristic in transient analysis. In DC sweep any combination of variables can be selected for X and Y axis as well.

This applies at least for the SPICE variants I'm used to. Don't know about Multisim. I guess it's possible too, but at least the users guide is pretty good in hiding the feature.

This is what the help in multisim says

DC Sweep Analysis
As this analysis is performed in Multisim, the following procedure is performed.

1) The DC Operating Point is taken.
2) The value from the source is incremented and another DC Operating Point is calculated.

This procedure allows you to simulate the circuit many times, sweeping the DC values within a pre-determined range. You can control the source values by choosing the start and stop values and the increment for the DC range. The bias point of the circuit is calculated for each value of the sweep. To calculate the DC response of the circuit, SPICE treats all capacitors as open circuits, all inductors as shorts, and uses only DC values of voltage and current sources.

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