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msp430 controllers coding

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akash reddy

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Jan 22, 2013
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can anyone help me with a c code for transmitting a single byte data using msp430g2231 controller on the launch pad. I would like to view the data in a digital CRO.

There are several examples for the launchpad

Is it possible to see the data I receive in launch pad through the Rx pin on my PC.? Which software should I use for it.?

Hi akash reddy,

yes you can!

follow these steps (quoted from this blog: **broken link removed** I'm too lazy to write down my own set of instructions ;) )

1.On Windows 7 (or Win XP): go to Start Menu, Right click on Computer, choose Properties, click Device Manager, expand Ports (COM & LPT).

2. You should see one called “MSP430 Application UART.” On my system it is COM9, but you will probably have a lower number.

3. You can right click on that device and choose Properties. Click the Port Settings tab and it the dropdowns should say this: 9600, 8, None, 1, None.
I am not sure if it is actually required that those choices be correct, because your code should set it to the right ones anyway, but it is worth checking if you have problems.

4. Write down the COM port number because you will need it for the next step. Also, if you pull the plug on the Launchpad and then plug it in again later,
it is likely that the COM port number will have changed and you’ll have to go into Device Manager and find it again.

5.To actually interact with the device, you will need to have a serial terminal program installed on your computer.
Traditionally, Windows has included a program named HyperTerminal to do this, but this program is no longer included in Windows 7 for some reason.
Most tutorials will still recommend using HyperTerminal, however I can assure you that HyperTerminal is crap and you shouldn’t use it.

The most popular free serial terminal software alternative to HyperTerminal is PuTTY (download from here :

6. then go through the blog and follow other steps for downloading the program (make sure to close the serial terminal program when you program micro. otherwise you may not be able to program it... don't worry, nothing damages, but it blocks communication with micro. )

7. once you download the program, and run the serial terminal program you will see the characters transmitted from the micro.

have fun!


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