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MP3 decoder chip built with PLD and VHDL

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Sep 16, 2002
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mp3 vhdl

Hello guys.

Does any one know if it is possible to build a MP3 decoder chip with an embedded softeware/ VHDL and burn it in a PLD such as Altera, Xilinx or others.

Note: I am talking about the chip itself not all the mp3 player, even better is the info you supply makes use of this chip within a mp3 player project.

appreciate any help link or comments.

Thank you in advance


mp3 decoder vhdl

I guess it is difficult to implement MP3 encoder/decoder on FPGA.
The polyphase filter bank and psychoacoustic model causes a large amount of computation and table look-up. Those are better done by a MCU or DSP,such as ARM7 or TI 55xx DSP.
Any other suggestion?

mp3 player design using vhdl

Using Altera Stratix and Xilinx Vertex II multipliers and aboundant ram should make that project possible. Sadly, I don't have the MP3 algorithm but the above FPGA devices should make life easier in terms of polyphase filters and lookup tables. I just hope nobody expects to realize this in a 10$ chip... :)

mp3 core+vhdl

It is better to use DSP not the FPGA to compute the MP3 data. For FPGA it's an impossible job.

vhdl mp3

Hi !!!
For more info see the link ,open design of MP3 player uses FPGA+Microcontroller+MP3 decoder IC

enjoy :p
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mp3 encoder vhdl based program

Thanx for replying.....
It is hard to beleave that it is not possible to design an MP3 decoder with a FPGA (@ltera or Xilinx PLD), now a days they are quite fast....... If an old 386/486 PC processor can do it why couldn't the latest PLD. ........ No doubt DSPs can do it , but I wanted to try with VHDL, anyway something to stick components together and not the entire DSP EVM.
Thank you.

elm mp3 fft


Look at avinashr link. You'll find the full design including the Xilinx Spartan schematic (no VHDL, oups!) and the 80c51 micro-controller code. It can be a good start for your project.

mp3 fpga ip

I think it is possible to implement it on FPGA, but it will never be efficient and feasible to continue production using ASIC, as there are very long delays which need a lot of memory
this is why u find 99% of the companies which sell the decoder/encoder mp3 use a DSP based chip

but i think it is doable on an fpga

mp3 decoder fpga spartan

Here is the Ultimate for you all MP3 lovers!!!!!!
I got it from my friend presenting -= AS IT IS =- possibly info about Implementation of an MPEG_Audio Layer III decoder. pl do not ask me any thing about it.
here is the first file
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ip mp3 decoder vhdl

I don't know if a MP3 decoder is possible to implement in a FPGA but at least the encoder yes it is. This is what it claims Cel?xica did easily with its H*a*n*d*e*l*-*C.

**broken link removed**

mp3 decode ic

Look on **broken link removed**

mp3 decoder.vhdl

Hi Hynix,

It seems that is corrupt. Would you please upload it again?


mp3 player vhdl

check this may be helpful

mp3 decoder chip

I think fpga can make mp3 decoder, because I have already complete the design on July this year, and I used fpga is xilinx Virtex-E 600 X 2

vhdl arm datapath


would you please tell me (us) how did you go about it. Some tech. detalis.

mp3 decoder project in vhdl

zzxxdd said:
I think fpga can make mp3 decoder, because I have already complete the design on July this year, and I used fpga is xilinx Virtex-E 600 X 2


first of all, congratulations for this design! nice work

I am a lecturer and i want my students to build part of this design in fpga xilinx!
So I am interested in your design! Have you tested it completely (with real music I mean!)

How many slices did you use for this design? Did you use public IP?

Thank you for all technicals informations!


vhdl mp3 decoder

I'm not shoure if its work but you can tst it

I have D\L from some univercity FTP


vhdl mp3

thank you!

but the rar seems to be corrupted! the vhdl files cannot be openned

anyway merry christmas to everyone!


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