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[Moved]: Using A Circuit Board To Bring Power to Multiple Comp. From One Power Source

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Aug 18, 2015
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Hello guys I have a question and I think that I am in the correct section. I am a mechanical man and not much of an electronics guy when it comes to know how. But I am designing a box for a work project and we are wiring 6 batteries in parallel and wiring them into a circuit board. On the circuit board we are going to have 10 barrel connectors on there so that we can hook up 10 of our components so that if there is a power outage the batteries will control the components just enough till the power is returned. I am trying to get a good Idea of how this circuit board will be constructed without asking my boss a lot of questions so I can design this box to fit in the space that I want it to. So can any of you help me or point me to the correct place that I can see and read how these batteries will go into this circuit board and what else will need to be wired into this board so that we have equal power going to all the barrel connectors in case of a power outage. I would just like some of this information so that I know about how large or small this circuit board will need to be so I can fit it where I want it. I apologize if I do not have all the information you need as I do not know entire specifics about this because I am a mechanical guy and not an electronics guy but I hope you get the gist of this enough so I can have at least an Idea for this.

Thank you guys for all the help you are giving me,


* Is the circuit board supposed to be an automatic connect/disconnect power supply?

* Do you really need to hook up the batteries in parallel? If just one of them starts to go bad in normal times, it is likely to drop in voltage. Then the other batteries will try to charge it, and deplete themselves in the process. When a blackout hits, you'll have no power.

so that we have equal power going to all the barrel connectors

You have 6 batteries and 10 components. Suppose you obtain a few more batteries, so each component will have its own battery? It may be more work to connect and disconnect.

Well we may not hook them in parallel I am not our electronics guy so I am not sure. I just wanted a minimum understanding of how this would work so I can design the sheet metal box and figure out where I can put this in the place it needs to go either by hiding it or not pending on how small I can make this circuit board. And I believe it is supposed to be an auto connect and disconnect when the power goes out/comes back on.

Are you the one making the box? And someone else makes the circuit board?

If the batteries go in the box, then you should fasten them down so they don't smash other things in the box.

Do the batteries contain acid? Then they should be in their own compartment, sealed off from everything else. A plastic pan should go under the batteries in case of leaking, etc.

Arrange batteries so it is easy to remove and replace them.

It is possible to make a simple circuit which will:

* detect loss of mains power
* close a relay, mosfet/transistor, to send battery power to your components
* detect restoration of mains power
* wait a few seconds to detect whether mains power is stable
* connect components to mains power, disconnect batteries

Ok thank you very much. I am not used to designing compartments or specialty boxes for things like batteries. Because I will be the one making the box they are going to be lithium Ion Batteries.

they are going to be lithium Ion Batteries.

This will require special precautions for charging and housing them. There are many reports of Li-ion explosions, laptop computer recalls, etc.

Your electronics guy particularly needs to find out the proper charge rate.

An internet search will bring up more info. Such as this article:

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