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[MOVED] One LED + PHOTOCAMERA ( sensor ) = COMPASS / NEW GPS prototyp

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Nov 24, 2012
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Dear All please help me

I lost time for speak with Universities
They love Einstein I love create:twisted:

Rule is Easy Earth velocity around SUN = 30 km/s

if You will prepare ( camera + stative + Bulb
and You will use dark filtre and 100% darkbox cover )

please make pictures but all main 3D direction in Your room

What I discover:
brightness of picture has strong relation with VELOCITY DIRECTION
distance camera bulb not change but
Earth velocity = 30 km/s = 30 000 000 mm/s

Light go with or opposite
to main Earth velocity
( this is reason why camera sensor feel different power )

I want to show my experiment in TV

MYTH BUSTERS TV - ( discovery chanel )
I want kick fat MR Einstein theory a...
( Einstein never keep photocamera in his hand only use math )

below link show step by step how to build own compass in home
how to measure rocket velocity / how start build own GPS without sattelites and NASA

and explain theory why ( very easy drawings )
help me !!!

There could be some validity to the theoretical concept...

of using the speed of light as a gauge of earth's real speed and direction in the universe. Because in addition to going around the sun (at 18 mps), we are also revolving around the center of the Milky Way galaxy at some unknown velocity...

And furthermore we could be revolving around a center point of our Local Group of galaxies (at some unknown velocity)...

And furthermore we could be riding the expansion of our universe in an unknown direction, and at a velocity greater than any mentioned above.

The speed of light is supposed to be an absolute. So, if we could detect the tiniest amount of red shift in one direction, and a blue shift in the opposite direction, then we could determine our absolute speed and direction in the universe.

I don't know that this is possible using an everyday camera however.

Please read below link and think light velocity 300 000 km/ s
Pipe 4 km
Boat experiment ( read and think ) please write You post again

method 1 ( geometry prependicular light signal )

method 2 I explain brightness of picture ( I olready done test in home )

method 3 classical mechanic ( rope and line )

Read please :

Not open for further replies.

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