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Most powerful Linux distribution

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May 16, 2007
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most powerful linux


What distribution of Linux is most powerful for server's and network's aplications?
And what do you think about Ubuntu Linux?

most powerful linux distro

Solaris is one of the best!

Ubuntu Linux is a good alternative !
Actually i use both and i prefere Ubuntu because it has lot of howtos!

Can you specify wich Server you intend to install ? (Web,Database ,Ldap ,dns ....)

most powerful linux distribution

It depends of the specific tasks you want to run. There are specific distributios for specific tasks.
In the other hand you have other distributions like Ubuntu which are user oriented.
Ubuntu is a good choice.

powerful linux distro

I need it for FTP, WEB server aplications.
I heard that Solaris interacting with hardware, provides much more performance and efficiency than other Unix OS.

most powerfull linux

alexandr22061986 said:

What distribution of Linux is most powerful for server's and network's aplications?
And what do you think about Ubuntu Linux?

Centos and RHEL are fine.


the most powerful linux

Debian or SLES or SLED or OpenSuse 8)

powerful linux distribution

Of the most popular Linux distros, I would say Ubuntu is the most flexible, and the best for someone who really wants to learn about Linux

For someone who is looking for a tool and doesn't want to spend a lot of time learning how the tool works, I'd recommend SuSE as having the more intuitive and consistent user interface, and Red Hat for being the best tested and integrated. New features tend to appear first in SuSE, but Red Hat does a lot of work to insure things work smoothly.

As someone else said, it really depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

On the other hand for a quick boot to learn Linux, Knoppix is fantastic.

most powerful linux os

should be RHEL 5.

most powerful version of linux

Ya it should be Redhat RHEL 5

powerful linux distributions for super users


Is sun JAva desktop linux good for developing applications in C under linux and device drivers?

Hossam Alzomor

most powerful linux workstation

If we're talking about powerful... I'll just give an example: the super computer Blue Gene L ( 32 TB RAM) runnin' on SLES 9 ... damn, why didn't they use windows?! :lol:

powerful linux distros


So what are the distributions which support ARM9 and/or ARM7?

Hossam Alzomor

most powerful linux distros

I prefer Ubuntu.
It is easy to install and use.

what is the most powerful version of linux

It depends what you want.
But when you come to business world you will notice that Red Hat is the winner and to get working on this enterprise environment faster, you should learn in similar distro like this because Red Hat actually based on Fedora !. That's why You should go with this plus there's no major difference now between fedora and others ,,

By the way Fedora is the only one from the linux community providing EDA tools for VLSI simulations WITH INTEROPERABILITY !!!
(check out the flyer on that page)

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