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[SOLVED] Molex connector question

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May 25, 2011
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Hi all!

I have a small problem with choosing right wiring solution for a module with a molex connector...

I have a module that interfaces via Molex 53748-0708 connector (Link).

What is the best way to connect it to my PCB?
I guess this is the pairing connector: Link,

but i dont have a clue about what cable to use, how does it attach to the connector, or how to solder this connector to my PCB since it is extra tiny...

Any ideas?
(Is there maybe a solution where a cable uses different connectors on both ends?)

Thanks in advance!!

it should have a custim made PCB with the connector pad and matching soldering pads..

the other end or the header will come with wires crimped to it or you have to buy the crimping pins and solder and crimp yourself...

you need good SMD, temperature controlled soldering iron , illuminated magnifying glass table,, and good pair of eyes to look into it and solder.

the housing which you shown in the picture comes with the housing suitaed to fit it... cripming or buying it readymade depends on you.....
Thank you for the quick response!

I would really much like to avoid soldering, since this is really tiny...

I have tried looking for a matching header that has wires allready crimped, but i didnt have much luck. Maybe i dont know how to search (i am using
All i get is the header itself...
And also, i cant find any pre-made PCB with this connector and soldering pads. I didnt get this when i bought the module...

Any further tips on this are much appreciated!

First suggestion, go to the Molex website and review the connector family specification for available matching connectors. Here's a product overview document:

The standard application is direct stacking of boards. You'll notice, that Molex suggests to use flexible PCB with soldered connectors for board interconnection. But I don't expect, that you'll find ready-made connector flexprints.

Ok, i guess i will have to solder the connector for direct board-to-board connection...

Thank you all for your help!

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