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Modify MaxBotics Ultrasonic Sensor LV-EZ1 Listen Mode Only Transmit Mode Only

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Jan 20, 2013
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Hi all,

I'm new here, as such I'm not sure whether this post should be in this category or not.

Anyway quick to the point, I've need of a single transducer ultrasonic sensor in my project. Specifically it will be
a sensor that is able to be in Transmit mode ONLY, or Listening mode ONLY, and able to switch between both.

The reason is I need robot A to ping out a pulse that robot B receives and count the elapsed time.

There seem to be no product on market that I know off that is able to fullfill this criteria. They pulse out and then switches to listening, which is not applicable to my application.

So, is it possible to modify a Maxbotic Ultrasonic Sensor EZ1 to fullfill this criteria.

Attached is the picture of my concept. It shoots pulse out to the cone, it spreads in 2D plane, and should be reaching another robot that is listening.

Thank you.
Localization Cone.png

The most common ultrasonic transducers can be used either to transmit or to receive. :- The transmit transducer is optimised for high power, the receiver one for high sensitivity though they both both work exactly the same way.
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Hello chuckey,

Thank you for the suggestion, but it is a transducer only component? ... Is thye circuit to make it hard?

For the transmitter, you need an oscillator , running at the transducer frequency and handling athe correct amount of power. For the receiver, you need an amplifier to increase the level of the received signal followed by some sort of detector.
If robot B receives a ping , how does it know when it was sent? . One way would be to send out with robots A ping, a flash of light/infra red. As light travels much, much faster then sound, then the reception of the flash could start robots times which is stopped when it gets the supersonic ping.

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