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Mobile motherboard as embedded board and ERTOS

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Nov 2, 2009
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As we know there is an embeded board in every person pockets in the shape of mobile. I come across an idea why we are not using our unuse mobile board as embedded boards. They have 533Mhz epx Arm processor with RAM ROM GSM GPS Bluethooth, RFID, WIFI, and USB interfaces to communicate with world.

I would appreciate if someone come back to this thread with different ideas how we make a usefull gadget with our old mobile phones.

Firstly i would like if someone tell me to port ERTOS on them, e.g Andriod, windows ce or others as then we can develop applications to run on it using our interfaces to communicate with world. A complete procedure how to cook to make the OS compatible with the device.

Secondly expention of these boards so we make is more useful according to the embedded environment.

Thanks in advance :oops:

Interesting Idea. Well think in this way. Does the manufacturer provided you with a Programming interface like JTAG/ICSP?
If not then you have to use a proprietary interface from the manufacturer if wishes to give you one.

secondly I guess even if you manage to get the Interface specification you need to write the firmware in vendor specific way.

lastly if you do so you can't revert back to original form.

Well on second thought Why not hack a ARM based internet tablet having Android to boot UBUNTU on it?

thanks for the reply. This thread is for the eng who are more in dev side of embedded hardware and find difficulty to find one with the interfaces they can easily find with no cost. Initially we donot need to have the the spects as we can easily use the Java for development as all the current mobiles are supporting it, we can easily use the code interface as the OS on the board allow us to communicate with the interface. All the mobiles today have USB, ifra red , bluetooth , WIFI interfaces which we can use for the expention of the hardware. This thread is just to spread the thought for newbies who want to go more in embeded environment and like to develop with a minimal cost. As Dev boards are costly and non all of them have all the functionalities which they can get free in there pocket.

Good Idea. But Embedded development is not only developing Application using java. Although almost all development boards available in the market with OS support has a JVM, But there is a lot of other things.

And also there is a personal taste or choice factor involved.

Any ways good thinking.

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