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Running Modelsim/Questasim in batch mode and storing data


Sep 18, 2023
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I have to automate the simulation, testing and verification of results in Modelsim (in Linux) without GUI. For that, I have to open the project, then run the script file(.do) and store the results in a list file. The contains following commands. add list /PATH/signal_a run 1000ps -all write list -window List result.lst

I am running the following command

Open the simulation project using vsim and time in picoseconds. "vsim" invokes the simulator. is a script file that configures and runs the simulation vsim -batch -t ps abc.abc_demo & -do

The simulation project opens, loads the design and executes the .do file successfully. However, at the end of the simulation, I get the following error Error: write list not supported

I have also tried using console mode as well with the following command vsim -c -t ps abc.abc_demo & -do But that results in "Error: No list window. (nothing logged?)"

If I run the simulation in GUI mode (vsim -t ps abc.abc_demo & -do, things work fine and result.lst file is stored with updated values.

How to achieve the required execution without opening GUI?
I have never used a list file. Is it really useful?
Is it a way to do testing without a test bench?
I recommend that you write a test bench, and let it write the interesting data to a file with normal file i/o operations.

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