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Microprocessor 68000 vs using a microcontroller

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Mar 20, 2007
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microprocessor vs microcontroller


I've never made an embedded application program on a processor like 68000, but i have made simple assembly programs on 8085,8086 at college level. I do have made embedded application on Atmel AVR using AVR Studio and GCC.

My questions are:
-- Is there any compiler which can convert the code to machine level that i can write in C to work on 68000, or what is the method of programming a C application on the microprocessor to work it like an embedded system? (I know that i need to consider about external flash, rom eeprom etc when im using a microprocessor)

-- Or else is there any advantage of using a microcontroller family which are generally used for these kind of applications?
The advantages I know using a microcontroller over microprocessor are:
-- no need to handle flash and its addresses in the software
-- no need to handle ram and its software part
-- we get easy library functions for eeprom and for other inbuilt addons that exists inside the controller

Are there any more which I am missing out?

I would like to tell you some of my project requirements are as follows:
-- 4MB of flash
-- 512k of Ram
-- watch dog
-- rtc
-- rs485

which i may not get inside a controller, that is the primary reason that i am considering processor as i cannot get so much of flash and ram with a controller?
the question is: in this case, is there any advantage of using a microcontroller instead of a microprocessor if i need to handle flash and ram in both the cases?
My only fear is that i've never programmed a microprocessor with these kind of applications?:|

waiting for ur valuable suggestions

Many Thanks,


I use 68000IDE, a C compiler with simulator. I use the 68000 for image processing. In one of my project, an 8051 controller handles digital camera functions. Once an image file is produced, the controller wakes the 68000 and passed the file handle to it for processing. Once complete it sends a coded response back to the controller to decide on further action.

microprocessors 68000 a levels projects

you can use GCC. There is a port for the 68000. You will probably have to build from the sources although there maybe binaries on the freescale semi site. You will need to edit the linker script to configure for your memory map.

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