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Microcontroller controlled power supply ....

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May 30, 2001
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I am planning to build a microcontroller power supply. Should be symmetrical, 0-30V and adjustable current limit.. both voltage and current limit controlled via D/A converters.
Anyone out here who already did something like this, or has some suggestions ?

Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks

Something like this in Elektor/Electuur of december 2001, using a PIC procesor.

Thanks I overlooked this one...just found it. it`s a good starting point.

I'm also interested in this, is this article available on the net???


I can scan the dutch version for you if interested

Well I dont understand dutch, but I would be gratefull if you could scan the schematics and maybe the source code as well.

If you can wait a while , i'll have the 2001 cd-rom , and i'll send you the article in english . Source is , as usual with elektor , not available . And since it's a pic , it can not be extracted . So you'll have to buy a preprogrammed one or write you own code .


Are you speak about switchig power supply? if so, please send this file to me when you can


Please send english version of power supply controled with PIC also to or post it to filemanager

Thanks in advance

Hi, has anyone recieved the schematics for the power supply, if so please send me a copy or upload to FM.


I do not if it is to any help but if anyone is interested I have;
PSU170.ASM + psu170.obj 01JUL00 - EPE PIC MONITORED QUAD PSU. I do not have the article, but I am interested to build a PIC PSU so if anyone has this article or another design please put it in FM

I realise that the code is available from EPEmag, sorry I just found the zip on my HD.
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Somebody can tell me if the december 2001 power supply in Elektor is switching or a linear power supply. If it's a linear one feel free to send me any information about it

Thanks in advance and exuse my English

Please if posible send me this pdf too or upload in filemanager.


Don't worry , I havn't forgotten , but the cd still isn't out yet .
As soon as i get it , i'll upload to filemanager .
And for those who were asking it's a linear powersuply .


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Waiting your info on upload. Thanks in advance.

try this, it's a good project

**broken link removed**

PIC-SUPPLY-1.pdf and PIC-SUPPLY-2.PDF uploaded in FM1/Mitsuko .
Total size about 750 Kbyte .

As usual no code available . You'll have to buy a preprogrammed pic at elektor .
Maybe you PIC geniusses can reverse engineer it ?
If you do , let us know .


I join a project of a compact digital
power supply controlled by a MC68HC11A1P
and the RS232 interface of a P.C.
This power supply is done of 2 parts:
processor board and power board.
The microcontroller controls the alternative
voltage in the output of the transformer
then this voltage is rectified and filtered
to obtain a continuous signal of around 22V
from this voltage is stabilized two
voltages that will be references for the
regulation and the current sensing.
Preprogrammed voltages 1,5 - 3 - 5 - 6 - 9
- 12 - 15 V
I = 4A
If I Max = disjonction
RS232 control
Emission on serial line of voltage and
IC used :MC68HC11A1P @ 8MHZ , CD4016, MAX232,
2x16 LCD Display,LM324, 7805, 7818,
option Serial IIC EEPROM
Transistors used 2N3055, 2N2219,etc.
only the S19 SRecord file is available.
if interested in realizing it
I can translate this article into english

Uploaded file:

By the way of the project power supply controlled by PIC micro of Elektor loaded from Mitsuko, this is the official site where unload article, environment of development , free full source codes and compiled Hex files (in German).
by Frigo
**broken link removed**

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