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Mentor ADVance MS simulator

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Dec 20, 2002
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I am currently using ADvance MS to simulate some VHDL-AMS models.
I would like to output some results in an ASCII file. I can do it in the ADvance MS graphical environnement using the Nets window then view>List>Selected nets.
But I would like to be able to do it also in batch mode :

Therefore I wrote a .do file

# Elaboration phase
if [ batch_mode ] {
add log :eek:rder3:dut:*
add list :eek:rder3:dut:*
} else {
view structure
view nets

add wave :eek:rder3:dut:*

# Simulation phase
run -all

# End of Simulation
if [ batch_mode ] {
write list output.lst

and launch the simulation. Each time I get the same error message :

ADMS> # Error: Internal Error
# Occurred in DUT(CT_IDEAL/ADC_SD_1BIT) at time 0 fs
# #E Error in tcl script file No object found matching :eek:rder3:dut:*

But when I use the .do file without the add list command line, It runs and I do not get any trouble.

Any idea on how I could do ?


How can get DVance MS evaluation.
I am form Iran.
and mentor garphic dos not gine me link for download.

pleas me link for download ?

At the moment I'm working on some vhdl-ams models for multiplexed input sigma-delta adc for simuation, but at the very beging I run on problems with ADVance MS simulator under Mentor Graphics.

So does anyone have expireience with ADVance MS, VHDL-AMS simulator?

I'm using vasim version v4.6_1.1, and when I trie to compile any soure vhdl-ams script (using command: vacom <scrpt_name>.vhd), compalation fails and I get this error:

"gcc installtation error cannot execute 'cc1': No such file or directory".

I dwonloaded latest version of gcc compiler, bat I still get the same error.

If someone run in the similar problem please post solution.

Thanks in advcance.

Hello again,

after some mentor support net exploring, I found solution for mentioned problem about ADVance MS vhdl ams simulator under mentor design kit, so i find it would be useful to share it with you guys. I hope that it will help someone who run on to same problem as I did, so the solution:

Everything that is need to be done is to unset the following system variable in your unix/linux shell/bash script located in your home directory. Simply type


Note: of course you need to source shell script after this change.

Basically versions of ADVance MS after 2007 do not relay on gcc compiler any more.

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