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Memec Virtex-4 Mini-Module

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Dec 12, 2005
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virtex 4 mini module

Hi everyone!

We recently bought a Memecs Virtex-4FX12 Mini-Module development kit. It seems like an ideal FPGA based System-on-a-Module (low price, very small, high performance, DDR-RAM and FLASH on-board...). I encountered severe problems at JTAG programming - in most cases programming fails, because done bit is not 1. IMPACT, when run from XPS outputs this message:

WARNING:iMPACT:2218 - Error shows in the status register, release done bit is
NOT 1.
INFO:iMPACT:2219 - Status register values:
INFO:iMPACT - 0011 0000 0001 1000 0000 0000 0000 0000
INFO:iMPACT:579 - '2': Completed downloading bit file to device.
INFO:iMPACT:580 - '2':Checking done pin ....done.
'2': Programming terminated, Done did not go high.
Elapsed time = 36 sec.
make: *** [download] Error 1

I tried programming with Avnets Spartan3 starter kit JTAG cable and ALTIUM JTAG cable (both probably paralell cable 3) using only supplied reference designs. The problems are the same with both cables.

Q: Does anyone has Memecs V4MM? If yes, what cable is he using? Is anybody familiar with such problems and what might be the solution?



memec virtex 4


Sorry about replying and not having an solution for your problem but I have the next question for you: where do I find information about the memec Virtex-4 module and where can I buy it in Europe?

thanks for your help!

memec virtex 4 mini module

It can be purchased through Silica, which I think is now the owner of Memec. From my experience they make business-to-business only!

memec mini module

The boards might be bought through Silica, but they don't own Memec. Maybe some people went to Silica, but Memec became Avnet-Memec (and joined forces with WBC).
Only Silica can offer Xilinx parts, Memec has Lattice.


avnet virtex 4 mini module web server

I think I found the solution for my problems: RS-232 port must be disconnected prior programming - probably ground problems. But that's not all - Xilinx XMD crashes when I want to upload the TEMAC (web server) reference design in the DDR. Really sad, because this is THE reference design that shows the capability of this module.

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