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MATLAB Simulink Help!

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Aug 12, 2005
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matlab simulink help

Hi anyone, everyone,

Please, anyone who can help me or just a hint (that would be fine too) to do these in MATLAB simulink:

I wanted to read an audio music file, and then I want to seperate the guitar or vocal track of the audio file. (so the audio output, there would be no guitar or vocal output).

Please help, I need it badly I have poor knowledge at DSP (im sorry) But this one would help in my design project.

THanks in advance.

separate wave component matlab


you question is not clear.
you have to explane more about your problem.
if your problem is with programming in simulink, then you can use matlab commands in simulink too but you have to note some points.
but if the problem is with the algorithm, you have to analyse your signal first. you may find out that the signals you mentioned are seperatable in frequency domain using two simple filters, and if not, you may have to use more advanced methods as "blind source seperation" methods.

but if your

example simulink lowpass filter


First and foremost, I would like to thank you DSPman.

My problem is here:

I want to load a digital music in Simulink (Im familiar with simulink blocksets)
the digital music for example an mp3 file format contains vocal tracks. What I want to do is to remove the vocal tracks from the original mp3 file.

Q: What DSP blockset in simulink should I use and configure as block diagram for this simulation?

simulink sonido stereo

try analysing the file on GOLDWAVE...
then on file save matlab file...
you can see the sampling time and some data..maybe it would help you

goldwave, matlab

As others mentioned, you need to analyze the audio data first.
But I doubt it will work because the frequency range of the vocal and guitar are overlapped so it will be hard to filter it out.

how can i read song im matlab

some of the audio encoding, separate vocal from other instruments...

simulink music

I hope this can only be done if the spectrum contained by vocal & guitar. So if you are able to find the band occupied by the two then you can use filter design toolbox aviable in the matlab to filter out any of the two.

forum matlab pure simulink or s-function

i mean...some encoding techque use, they separate the components..
vocal are separated from other instruments

simulink musical instrument

Often, vocals are shared between the stereo channels with equal amplitude, and present an audio image in the center. Instruments, on the other hand, often have an audio image to the left or right and have unequal amplitudes on each channel. If this is the case, vocals may be largely removed by taking the difference between the two channels.

mp3 simulink

his problem was about guiter and vocal, obviosly guitar are high freq while vocal are low.....simply use a lowpass filter, but ofcourse this would not give a desiarable output, but i think it is the only way to do it....
use some function on matlab about filter.....cheby1,cheby2, butterworth, and other some filter that the matlab has...

Added after 3 minutes:

to risk master
try using goldwave, there you'l find result on filtering signal's

matlab audio filtering out instruments

I'm pretty sure this can't be done, or else it would have taken over the Karaoke
industry. If the originals music file was already divided in to separate tracks
then you could go select that individual track. The best you can do is filter the
different frequency bands. But even this is not too good because each instrument
can have multiple octave. So if you filter the Low end you can get most of the
Bass Guitar and Bass drum out of song, but you will also cut some Vocals and Guit.
And most instruments use 700Hz - 1KHz.

The only way to do this with DSP is to first know what frequenies (ie the Vocal line)
you want to take out are and subtract it from the music file. I asked this same
question to my Prof in a DSP class, he said you can't do it.


use matlab to remove vocals in mp3

I think this can be done but that will not involve just Simulink
but also other toolboxes in Matlab like fuzzy/Neural etc.

Again now when we get the freq spectrum of a Song
We have vocal + Music(Guitar Drums etc)
So we have to remove(I would rather use the word reduce) the freq components of the Music part so

we need to train our Neural network for Vocal songs(suppose 10)
and then vocal+Music songs to identify Pure Vocal components as "Solution"
and Music as "No Soultion"

If properly done this could reduce the components of music
and other methods may be applied to refine it further.



cheby2 function matlab

but the result would not be good!!!!
this is because not all frequcy band will represented by the vocal or by the guitar but, some of it would be of combination!!!!
as i said...this should use filter toolbox, which cannot be done by a simulink only,...

low pass filter effect on mp3 files in matlab

If you want to TRULY separate instruments, Voice etc... That can not be done, or
I have not seen any company/product that does so.

If you want to filter out a single instrument you can try, but you will not be able to
"completely" Isolate it.

I have used Cool Edit/Adobe Audition to do this and it helps but it does not completly
Isolate an Instrument. But I'm not a Pro either.

Good luck

separate voice from song in matlab

yha...try using goldwave, you can easily chose a cut-off frequency for your filter

filter out instruments matlab

Wat i think is an MP3 is an encoded one and it may alter the properties of the original signal so wat we may be trying to do may affect other frequency components.
try using wav format .It may work.Notch filters would be better than banpass filters.
i am not sure on this.

simulink help

wav file can be created by goldwave, and it can be analys on matlab...
bandpass filter are for a certain range of frequency, while nocth filters are for specific frq therefore no point of comparison..:)

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