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Matching port in Agilent MOMENTUM

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Nov 5, 2009
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Hi all,

How to define, in Momentum, a port having impedance matching with the characteristic impedance of the linked network ?

I have to simulate a two ports network over a wide range of frequencies and I would like to close the output port on a matched impedance; anyway, when I define a port, I can indicate just a single value of impedance :cry:

kspalla said:
Export layout in to schematic by component create look alike option.
Now use REf net design termination in schematic.

My problem is the following:

I have drawn a layout in Momentum: 2 square coils (in cond & cond2) with some substrates in between. Then I have defined 2 pairs of ports for the 2 coils: each pairs is realized using an internal port and a ground reference port.

Which value should I use for the impedance of the two internal ports ?
The default one is 50 Ohm

Now I would like to make a S-parameter calculation using Momentum: should I close the two pairs of ports on two impedances matching the characteristic impedance of the network ???

Thanks a lot for your precious help!!! :D


I have had a long discussion with an Agilent expert and now I have the ideas a little more clear:

S-matrix depends only by the network and not by the source/load impedance.

Setting the input & output ports at 50 Ohms will return me a S-matrix normalized to 50 Ohms (S_50). Setting the input & output ports at 75 Ohms will return me a S-matrix normalized to 75 Ohms (S_75)... and so on...

I can pass from one to the other with some calculus and that all, I don't need to close my network on matched loads to run simulations.

I hope I have correctly understood! :|

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