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Making data call in gsm

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Dec 22, 2001
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at commands for making data calls

I have few questions:
I am currently in development of gsm software.
How can you initiate data call in gsm?
You need a driver of somekind or you can do it with AT command?
Is somewhere a source for this?
Can somebody explain this a little more.
(can send private message)

at command for making data call

you can use normal AT commands to start data calls in GSM...

I suggest you try downloading the source to gnokii ( and try to see how they initiated the connection...

for a list of AT commands for GSM, I also suggest that you go to ETSI's website ( and browse their documents section... they have several PDF files available for download on everything you wanted to know about software development for GSM... the AT command specifications, if I'm not mistaken, is referred to as "ETSI ES 201 912 V1.1.1"...

Hi mona,

Elektor Electronics from Jan, 2002 brings Hardware and Software to employ a Remote Process Control using GSM-phones. Trough SMS.
Take a look...

If it fits you're needs, I can scan the article and send by e-mail or upload it somewhere...

Hello, Mona !!!

If you are still to try the AT command on GSM-HP.

Please load this AT Command for Siemens S25 GSM. It is also working with C25, and S35i.

Use the Hyperterminal on Windows, set to baud 19200, noparity, 8bit and 1 stop bit by S35i.

Entry with the AT (by keyboard) and click Return, if echo the "Ok" message it mean the system is ok.

best regard

Uploaded file: **broken link removed**

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Only a sugestion for some problems,

I don't know in other countries, but in spain the operator don't allow data cals without as for permision (and of course a month tax) and even some operators don't allow data calls on some cels.... realy a fu?xd...
Link error s25_atc_commandset_v10.pdf

ahmet2004 said:
Link error s25_atc_commandset_v10.pdf

This is old link mybe was removed

Please try this new link:
**broken link removed**

This command also work fine with C35 Siemens. You must look pin configuration at your's handphone. Connet the RX & TX 8051 to TX & RX handphone by using ttl buffer before, because TX/RX pin of handphone not use RS232 voltage (+- 10Volt).

Dear all,

Siemens AT Command


  • siemens_at_commands_922.pdf
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look this website, has many links to gsm/sms/gps
**broken link removed**
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