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make programming easy by using structures

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Apr 16, 2008
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Tehran, Iran, Iran
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most of the times we need to work with specified bits of registers . most of the times I see in examples the use of masking
its an unreadable way . now see the form below:
masking for setting GPIO2.1 as output
equivalent of the form above with structures
#include "myGPIO.h"
GPIO2->DIR1 = 1; // more readable
you see its really more readable and convenient. now add its library
typedef struct
  union {
    __IO uint32_t FIODIR;
    struct {
      __IO uint16_t FIODIRL;
      __IO uint16_t FIODIRH;
    struct {
      __IO uint8_t  FIODIR0;
      __IO uint8_t  FIODIR1;
      __IO uint8_t  FIODIR2;
      __IO uint8_t  FIODIR3;
      unsigned DIR0:1;
      unsigned DIR1:1;
      unsigned DIR2:1;
      unsigned DIR3:1;
      unsigned DIR4:1;
      unsigned DIR5:1;
      unsigned DIR6:1;
      unsigned DIR7:1;
      unsigned DIR8:1;
      unsigned DIR9:1;
      unsigned DIR10:1;
      unsigned DIR11:1;
      unsigned DIR12:1;
      unsigned DIR13:1;
      unsigned DIR14:1;
      unsigned DIR15:1;
      unsigned DIR16:1;
      unsigned DIR17:1;
      unsigned DIR18:1;
      unsigned DIR19:1;
      unsigned DIR20:1;
      unsigned DIR21:1;
      unsigned DIR22:1;
      unsigned DIR23:1;
      unsigned DIR24:1;
      unsigned DIR25:1;
      unsigned DIR26:1;
      unsigned DIR27:1;
      unsigned DIR28:1;
      unsigned DIR29:1;
      unsigned DIR30:1;
      unsigned DIR31:1;
  uint32_t RESERVED0[3];
  union {
    __IO uint32_t FIOMASK;
    struct {
      __IO uint16_t FIOMASKL;
      __IO uint16_t FIOMASKH;
    struct {
      __IO uint8_t  FIOMASK0;
      __IO uint8_t  FIOMASK1;
      __IO uint8_t  FIOMASK2;
      __IO uint8_t  FIOMASK3;
      unsigned MASK0:1;
      unsigned MASK1:1;
      unsigned MASK2:1;
      unsigned MASK3:1;
      unsigned MASK4:1;
      unsigned MASK5:1;
      unsigned MASK6:1;
      unsigned MASK7:1;
      unsigned MASK8:1;
      unsigned MASK9:1;
      unsigned MASK10:1;
      unsigned MASK11:1;
      unsigned MASK12:1;
      unsigned MASK13:1;
      unsigned MASK14:1;
      unsigned MASK15:1;
      unsigned MASK16:1;
      unsigned MASK17:1;
      unsigned MASK18:1;
      unsigned MASK19:1;
      unsigned MASK20:1;
      unsigned MASK21:1;
      unsigned MASK22:1;
      unsigned MASK23:1;
      unsigned MASK24:1;
      unsigned MASK25:1;
      unsigned MASK26:1;
      unsigned MASK27:1;
      unsigned MASK28:1;
      unsigned MASK29:1;
      unsigned MASK30:1;
      unsigned MASK31:1;
  union {
    __IO uint32_t FIOPIN;
    struct {
      __IO uint16_t FIOPINL;
      __IO uint16_t FIOPINH;
    struct {
      __IO uint8_t  FIOPIN0;
      __IO uint8_t  FIOPIN1;
      __IO uint8_t  FIOPIN2;
      __IO uint8_t  FIOPIN3;
      unsigned PIN0:1;
      unsigned PIN1:1;
      unsigned PIN2:1;
      unsigned PIN3:1;
      unsigned PIN4:1;
      unsigned PIN5:1;
      unsigned PIN6:1;
      unsigned PIN7:1;
      unsigned PIN8:1;
      unsigned PIN9:1;
      unsigned PIN10:1;
      unsigned PIN11:1;
      unsigned PIN12:1;
      unsigned PIN13:1;
      unsigned PIN14:1;
      unsigned PIN15:1;
      unsigned PIN16:1;
      unsigned PIN17:1;
      unsigned PIN18:1;
      unsigned PIN19:1;
      unsigned PIN20:1;
      unsigned PIN21:1;
      unsigned PIN22:1;
      unsigned PIN23:1;
      unsigned PIN24:1;
      unsigned PIN25:1;
      unsigned PIN26:1;
      unsigned PIN27:1;
      unsigned PIN28:1;
      unsigned PIN29:1;
      unsigned PIN30:1;
      unsigned PIN31:1;
  union {
    __IO uint32_t FIOSET;
    struct {
      __IO uint16_t FIOSETL;
      __IO uint16_t FIOSETH;
    struct {
      __IO uint8_t  FIOSET0;
      __IO uint8_t  FIOSET1;
      __IO uint8_t  FIOSET2;
      __IO uint8_t  FIOSET3;
      unsigned SET0:1;
      unsigned SET1:1;
      unsigned SET2:1;
      unsigned SET3:1;
      unsigned SET4:1;
      unsigned SET5:1;
      unsigned SET6:1;
      unsigned SET7:1;
      unsigned SET8:1;
      unsigned SET9:1;
      unsigned SET10:1;
      unsigned SET11:1;
      unsigned SET12:1;
      unsigned SET13:1;
      unsigned SET14:1;
      unsigned SET15:1;
      unsigned SET16:1;
      unsigned SET17:1;
      unsigned SET18:1;
      unsigned SET19:1;
      unsigned SET20:1;
      unsigned SET21:1;
      unsigned SET22:1;
      unsigned SET23:1;
      unsigned SET24:1;
      unsigned SET25:1;
      unsigned SET26:1;
      unsigned SET27:1;
      unsigned SET28:1;
      unsigned SET29:1;
      unsigned SET30:1;
      unsigned SET31:1;
  union {
    __O  uint32_t FIOCLR;
    struct {
      __O  uint16_t FIOCLRL;
      __O  uint16_t FIOCLRH;
    struct {
      __O  uint8_t  FIOCLR0;
      __O  uint8_t  FIOCLR1;
      __O  uint8_t  FIOCLR2;
      __O  uint8_t  FIOCLR3;
      unsigned CLR0:1;
      unsigned CLR1:1;
      unsigned CLR2:1;
      unsigned CLR3:1;
      unsigned CLR4:1;
      unsigned CLR5:1;
      unsigned CLR6:1;
      unsigned CLR7:1;
      unsigned CLR8:1;
      unsigned CLR9:1;
      unsigned CLR10:1;
      unsigned CLR11:1;
      unsigned CLR12:1;
      unsigned CLR13:1;
      unsigned CLR14:1;
      unsigned CLR15:1;
      unsigned CLR16:1;
      unsigned CLR17:1;
      unsigned CLR18:1;
      unsigned CLR19:1;
      unsigned CLR20:1;
      unsigned CLR21:1;
      unsigned CLR22:1;
      unsigned CLR23:1;
      unsigned CLR24:1;
      unsigned CLR25:1;
      unsigned CLR26:1;
      unsigned CLR27:1;
      unsigned CLR28:1;
      unsigned CLR29:1;
      unsigned CLR30:1;
      unsigned CLR31:1;
} defLPC_GPIO;

#define GPIO2             ((defLPC_GPIO      *) LPC_GPIO2_BASE    )

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