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mainboard repair laptop

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Jan 21, 2008
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mainboard repair

hello i am beginner in repair laptop
i want to find the answer for all this question:
# Power but no boot: Bad Input/Output controller chip, or bad video chip.
Symptoms: The LED light Turing on but the computer still doesn't boot.
in this situation what is the solution what i do for i resolve the probleme what the component electronic i will check and what chip i will change and what hardware i use for that.

# Shut down/hang when move: Open circuit, loose connection, cold solder
Symptoms: shut down when move the laptop
what i do to find what is the problme if is open circuit and what is the methode and hardawre i use to fin him

# Intermittent booting: Bad video chip, bad input/output controller chip
Symptoms: Laptop has power but gets hard to boot. If you press the power button and the central of the keyboard at the same time, laptop will boot.

# No power at all: Bad power chip, open circuit, short circuit, or loose connection.
Symptoms:Nothing showing up when you press the power button

# AC adapter turns off when plugged to the computer: Short circuit, short components
Symptoms: The LED light on the AC adapter turns off.
in this situation what is the methode to find for exemple the power transistor foulty or another component electonics

# Broken power jack: Loose connection, cold solder, broken jack
Symptoms: Need wiggle to connect, no power at all, intermittent power up

# System hangs: Bad video chip, bad hard drive controller, bad CPU controller.
Symptoms: System hangs when the windows starting, running for 5-10 minutes, or playing DVD

# No charge: Bad charging chip, bad diodes, bad inductor, bad power jack, or open circuit
Symptoms:Works with battery but it doesn't work with AC adapter, no power at all.

# Graphic Problems: Bad video chip on the board or bad LCD
Symptoms: Vertical/horizontal lines, distort color, flickering, intermittent booting

# Over heat: Bad thermal chip, bad fan
Symptoms: Restart unexpectedly, shut down randomly

# Doesn't recognize devices: Loose connection, cold solder, bad input/output controller chip set
Symptoms: doesn't recognize hard drive, USB ports, Digital card, CD ROM, PCMCIA, wireless card etc.

# Cannot go to the internet: Bad Input/output controller, bad Ethernet chip and wireless card, loose connection, cold solder
Symptoms: No Internet signal (the page cannot be displaced)
please help me for find the answer to this question
because same situation of this question it is situatioin right for me and i am finded in this situation and iam noting i do.

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