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Looking for schematic to design ICD-S

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Feb 12, 2003
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Help me to download schematic, PCB and software of ICD-S.

(ICD is a complete in-circuit debugging solution for Microchip's PIC16Fxx and PIC18Fxx PIC® microcontrollers. ICD can debug all PIC16 and PIC18 targets that support debug mode for debugging. It also provides in-circuit serial programming (ICSP) support for all flash chips.)


download mplab 5.00

Schematic CCS ICD-S is same MPLAB ICD .

But difference in firmware.

It ICD-S firmware **broken link removed**

nooknikz :wink:

pic16lf876* serial programmer

nooknikz said:
Schematic CCS ICD-S is same MPLAB ICD .

It ICD-S firmware **broken link removed**

this file is unavailable (error 404)
can someone please post it here ??
or PM it to me ??

pic16lf876 programmer schematic

their web site has problems actually, the html page is shown, but the click on the icd-s link get an error 404, so why I ask someone to kindly upload it or pm me this file !


ok check your pm . 8)


ICD-S can use with PIC18F8720?

yes see in list

Device Program Debug
PIC12F629 Yes No
PIC12F675 Yes No
PIC16F72 Yes No
PIC16F73 Yes No
PIC16F74 Yes No
PIC16F76 Yes No
PIC16F77 Yes No
PIC16F83 Yes No
PIC16F84 Yes No
PIC16F84A Yes No
PIC16LF84AYes No
PIC16F627 Yes No
PIC16F627AYes No
PIC16F628 Yes No
PIC16F628AYes No
PIC16F630 Yes Yes
PIC16F648AYes No
PIC16F676 Yes Yes
PIC16F818 Yes Yes
PIC16F819 Yes Yes
PIC16F870 Yes Yes
PIC16F871 Yes Yes
PIC16F872 Yes Yes
PIC16F873 Yes Yes
PIC16F873AYes Yes
PIC16F874 Yes Yes
PIC16F874AYes Yes
PIC16F876 Yes Yes
PIC16F876AYes Yes
PIC16F877 Yes Yes
PIC16F877AYes Yes
PIC18F242 Yes Yes
PIC18F248 Yes Yes
PIC18F252 Yes Yes
PIC18F258 Yes Yes
PIC18F442 Yes Yes
PIC18F448 Yes Yes
PIC18F452 Yes Yes
PIC18F458 Yes Yes
PIC18C601Yes Yes
PIC18C801Yes Yes
PIC18F1220Yes Yes
PIC18F1320Yes Yes
PIC18F2220Yes Yes
PIC18F2320Yes Yes
PIC18F4220Yes Yes
PIC18F4320Yes Yes
PIC18F6520Yes Yes
PIC18F6585Yes No
PIC18F6620Yes Yes
PIC18F6680Yes No
PIC18F6720Yes Yes
PIC18F8520Yes Yes
PIC18F8585Yes No
PIC18F8620Yes Yes
PIC18F8680Yes No
PIC18F8720Yes Yes

Could someone please summarize briefly what we need (from the many links above) to be able to construct ICD-S by ourselves and be able to program all those PICs that nooknikz has listed above?

- Jayson

Re: ICD-s

SAR said:

**broken link removed**

you need the link above an icd (or the one from microchip it's almost the same)
and the icds.exe firmware to put into your icd

and of course ccs pic c :wink:

the ccs web site is available again for download of icds.exe or icdu.exe (but I dont know of any available schematic for icdu usb version.)

in ICD1 its use PIC16LF876
can I use PIC 16LF877 instead of it?

No , Mplab ICD1 and CCS icd-s use CPU PIC16LF876 or PIC16F876 .

and 16F876A can't use in icd .


icds problem

i have the old version of the icds. now different versions are avaliable for the PIC 16 and the 18 series. there is a different bootloader or something. i have problems. once i am loading the new firmware it say "expecting B1 got 90" . i cant updata to the new loader. Can u help me nooknikz??

Re: How to design ICD-S.

I used firmware ICD-S v. CCS 1.03 Rev#255 with CCS PCWH V.3.167.
It work with PIC 18PIN , 28PIN, 40PIN.
But 8pin ( 12F629 and 12F675 ) not work !!! . :?

my icd is build from mplab circuit .

Re: How to design ICD-S.

I have an old MPLAB ICD 1 with PIC16C73B-20E/SP on it! I have destroyed this PIC! 8O What can I do now? :?:

Is it possible to buy a new PIC and copy the program from another ICD??

Can I program a PIC 16F876 with the MPL876.HEX file, which comes with MPLAB 5.00! If this is possible could someone be so kind and send this file to me by mail or by pm?

Are there are other possibilities??


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