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Looking for materials on switch mode power supply

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Oct 7, 2001
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switch mode power supply

I need info about SMPS. Circuits, documents, ICs etc.

There are tons of documents about SMPS on the web
simply use for documents search and for chips, use keyword SMPS


you can use unitrode divices.
this devices are on th TI webpage.

you can give this devices a voltage from 0 to 5 Volt.
And this type makes the PWM for the switching FET.

a good device

Start with Motorola apps. and try also Sharp. Be more specific with your question, as you are asking about a very big field.

Yes, actually I am new to this subject and I want some advice for a start.

You can use Power intergration(PI) ICs for designing SMPS(good choice for portable and small size SMPS)

search power integration site in google or yahoo.

use TOP switch series ,ST have similar devices.

PI have good ANs and if you contact them they support you with printed documents.
They introduce transformer sources of their ICs in the site.

Check it now! :wink:

it depent on what kind of SMPS.
if it is off-line SMPS ,it will be more difficult.if only from 12v to 5v,or so ,it will be a little easy.i suggest you start from the later.i did do so years ago.when you are familar with them,you can do more difficult job.
i think you can start from w* ,such as LM2575,LM2596,ect.they have many apps and tips tell you how to select right components,deal with trouble.then you can use topswitch chips from w* to build off-line SMPS.they have many doc about SMPS,and also a good software for design flayback smps.
hope this can help you.

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