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Looking for digital speedometer program in C

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Jan 23, 2006
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digital speedometer


please help me. is it possible if someone could send me a programme in C language to programme PIC so that pulses in a specific time period after being counted by a counter are converted into a unit of speed that is either KM/h or miles/h.

Well the summary is somewhat like this, magnetic sensors to be used passing the pulses picked up from a rotating wheel and passing it to the counter and then finally to the display that is a seven segment display. In words it seems simple but I am confused in last part that is the display part. I have figured out what type of sensor to use, what type of counter to use and but the display will only show the number of pulses coming in but not the speed so is there any way that the pulses after being counted be converted in to a unit of speed either km/h or miles/h. well some one send me the following information if it could be a help to you;

So if you have one pulse per rotation of the wheel, then the distance travelled per pulse is the circumference of the wheel.

So if you have 10 pulses per second, the speed is 10xcircumference per second, multiply by 3600 to convert to hours, and divide by the ratio of the circumference to miles (or kms) to give the speed as kph or mph.

so if its possible send me the programme to programme PIC to do the job that is simply convert pulses into a unit of speed.

Re: digital speedometer

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Re: digital speedometer

If there is 10 sensors on the circumference it would mean 10 pulses is one circumference.

thus number of rotations (10 pulses groups) per second * 3600 / 1000 would give km/h if the circumference is in meters


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