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Looking for a datasheet of 2x16 LCD called LM101BSYLU

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Apr 4, 2005
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Hi Every One
I bought 2x16 LCD screen With LDE backlight it's called SOLOMON and has a sticker wrote on it LM101BSYLU and the LCD has 2 integerated ICs and 16 pin connector
I have tried to search for datasheet for it on the internet but i couldn't find any thing
Can some one PLEASE Help Me to know how to connect it :?:


2x16 lcd datasheet

Hi Mero,

The datasheet of the LCD that you are needing probably either this:
**broken link removed**
( LM1010 ) .

**broken link removed** ( SOLOMON GROUP )
datasheet lcd 2x16

The display uses Samsung KS0066U controller.
SOLOMON Goldentek changed part no. LM1010SGR -> GC1602NoSHN1B as probably for all series.
Read in page 2 of this document: **broken link removed**

Details about pins and controller : **broken link removed**

Sorry I've notice the previous post after sending mine.

lcd 2x16 pdf

Hi José Luis
How could you find it
I have used google for tow days withe out luck
any way thank you
hi silvio
thank you , but i would like to ask you another question
many of projects like LCF Meters ,capacitance meters say Use Standerd 2x16 LCD screen with Backlight but they don not say the Exact LCD
can i use this LCD for these Projects:D

Many thanks


lcd datasheet

YES you can use it.
Most of the projects using standard 2x26 LCD screen are referenced to HD44780 controller.
Samsung KS0066U controller it's equivalent with Hitachi HD44780 as they use the same instruction set.
However you can encounter some difficulty if the software relies on timer delay routine rather than performing polling of Busy bit on DB7.
More than that you may have some problems during display routine initialization due to different timing specs.
All these can be easily solved performing fine tuning delay.

Look at the page 12 of **broken link removed** using KS0066U controller, where on last column of the table you can find execution time at fosc=270 khz a standard one.

lcd datasheet 2x16

I am new to embedded and recently purchased a LCD display for experiment. I am using Atmel 89c51 to control the device. Can any one tell me, what is the proceedure to display any character on the 2x16 (5x7 grid character) LCD.

2x16 lcd

KS0066 is equiv to Hitachi. Here is the datasheet for KS0066U, if you need to implement the low level functions:
**broken link removed**

2x16 lcd data sheet

very helpful..thanks

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