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Long Range AM FM-Transmitter Reciever 433,8xx MHZ

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May 6, 2001
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433 fm transmitter


i'am searching a low cost long range transmitter for the European 8xx mhz band.
Should work from 400m to 800m outside.

Some good informations ??


long range am transmitter

Now I finished an application with CC1000 IC. it is Chipcon ( it's a great IC, from 300 MGz to 1.000 MHz, programable, output power from -20 dbm to +20 dbm programable, with a good antena you can reack 2.000 m.
Nice day

long range fm transmitter

hy Zoo,

thank you, semms to be very nice :smile:,
Do you have an good idea for the antena too,
it should be so smart as possible to wear it into a pocket or so.


ic 433 mhz fm transmitter

Do not use 433 MHz this a a junk band and power is limited.

Look at the new short range devcies band in the 868- 870 MHz band.

In some segments 500 mW is allowed.

This is pan European and agreed in 44 countries.

increase 433 transmitter range

Noo. Not 500mW.
But 800 MHz band is better, the propagation is better, and the antena is shorter, aprox. 8 cm.
433 MHZ has a 16 cm. antenna (lambda/4)
See at, there is antena exampes, and alowed powers in different frequency ranges.
At there is a lot of good information.

rx04 433

You can also try, they sell nice modular TX/RX/TR chips - not sure about full range though, don't think it's as far as several hundred meters. They have N.A/Europe solutions

433 long range

Mc_eddy : I don't like the RFM device because its hard to handle/solder and so on. Also I get some trouble, because sometimes I get to much noise out ouf the data pin. Through our german distri you can get the samples really fast.


Have a look to Philips RF transceiver (ref UAAxxx). They have good performances for the 433 MHz band and low power consumption.

For the antenna I think you'll have to do lot of experiments.

I have made loads of transmitters. Use a Negetive resistance, saw resonator based design. You can then tailor your output stage for the required power. Antennas are highly dependant on its use and required range. For a receiver, infineon do a good ASK receiver with an integrated front end amp. Good sensitivity can be acheived with high data rates. You could also add and extra front end stage and an input saw filter to increase the sensitivity. (only if the receiver dynamic range can cope with the increased signal level). A narrow band bjt will give a noise figure << 1db.
Atmel also do an integrated MCU/rf transceiver... Maxim are also trying to get into the ISM market. There devices are very good but pricey. I have use a Plessey RX04 to get > -120dBm sensitivity for low data rates using ASK with low noise amps on the front end.

Hope this helps


I have some antena designs on rogers 4003 laminate, you could simulate them on FR4.
They are small loop antennas (double sided on pcb to reduce the radiation resistance)..
They have a vari-cap to tune them. Better than 30db match over the band.



you can also look at for short range and cheap transcievers / transmitter / rcvr pairs.


cc1000 is the best

There are many alternative but cc1000 is the best and cheaper most of them. In a month (Sep/2002) we will produce RF board with cc1000 & on-board embedded antenna

u can use a good antena with low transmitting power to get a longer range

Just check out Maxstream 900Mhz RF modem module. with 20 miles in line of site with high gain antenna.

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