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Links to various bar code readers

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Jun 6, 2001
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I search a small barre code reader (5V supply) to interface with a microcontroller.

I do not know nothing about barre code reader. If somone has documentation I will appraciate.

Thank you.


barcode decoder microchip

Dear beuch,

you may find the following links informative.


or you can build one yourself using the HP HBCS2300 barcode wand (about $25) interfaced via PC's joystick port.
[Note: this reader can read Code 39 and Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes]. All information is in the following link.


Regards, Dspnut

linux magazine bar code scanner

i in Malaysia, pretty near Thailand, sawadee

in local 2nd hand shop, i saw lots of hand held bar code scan

how to determine which one is good/spoilt?

decoder code barre

so plug each in

with no software or driver
it will beep when you press the button to read

if this dosnt work it isnt working

get a program called bleep.exe it is barcode tool

work with any scanner

or windows xp or me will let you also install driver to test

barcode reader schematic

Sawadee weiwei2 and Hi Simbox,

I'm glad to have a chance to chat with the friendly neighbor :).

Simbox showed us ways to test bad readers...but...How can we check the barcode readers whose plugs (connectors) are not as commonly used as those with PS2 or DB9? The HP HBCS2300 barcode wand is one such thing.

pic18f barcode scanner

I have different Barcode pen and decoder + also diagram and
What microcontroller do you use.
standard barcode reader (opticol pen) are TTL compatible.
they usually cost around 120 euros but you can find some at
far lower price in surplus. ( price around 10 euros)
I have some I don't use also, so contact me if you want.
I have diagrams for the Z80, the N80C31 cpus.

hewlett packard hbcs-a300

Hi Benoit,

The mcu is not defined, I study a solution to read bar codes with a mobile electronic on batterie. The physical size of the reader is critical.


pic18 + bar code scanner

if size is critical, probably you will have to use to pen with built in
I have some documentation of such commercial products,

to build such a design from scratch might be possible but we need
to have more data about the size, the application, etc..


pic18 bar code reader

I got HBCS-A300 HP small Barcode Reader. It is quite good and cheap from surplus store.

There is a project that have been done on Linux system with C language.

It is very simple to port to any microcontroller.

Anyway, Is Thailand changing to Shinland?

bar code reader pic18 interface

Probably the simplest way would be to get your
hands on a CueCat. These readers were given
away free over the last few years at electronics
stores, with magazine subscriptions, etc. Do a
Google and you'll find all the information you need.

Nick C.

8051 barcode decoder source code

another question : what might be the connection : will it be standalone
(terminal), Radio-frequency (TX RX), cable (serial, keyboard wedge,other) Infra-red, IrDA,....?
also contact me because I have some stock of old bar code reader &
decoder I could give you if you want to make reverse engineering with
I have for exemple a RT-80 terminal onwhich you can fix a barcode
pen (w/o built-in decoder, only ttl) which works fine;
I have diagram of Z80 compatible universal barcode decoder (to use
also w/ pen (w/o decoder, ttl) that can be connected either (serail or
I have example of 80C31 compatible systems also;
also another Z80 system;
also I have lots of documentation about the coding, etc..
what is teh final goal of your project?

mcu barcode reader decoder

Hi all ,
I am looking for the practical circuit diagram barcode scanner using ir led which will be interfaced with my microcontroller board can any one out there help me !!!!!

barcode decoder source pic18


The final product is a terminal, so the connexion to the bar code reader could be serial (with an uart) or direct (with a signal analysis).

I mean my microcontroller can analyse the "IR" signal given by the bar code reader if necessary.


barcode scanner schematics

Hi benoit,

I´m trying to decode 2/5 interleaved barcode with a microchip PIC18F.
could you please provide some source code if possible?

THX and special THX to DSPNUT.


pic18 barcode

new symbologies can be implemented relatively fast
if you have a system.
sorry I have no source of firmware , only eprom files
that could be disassembled and diagrams,

hand scanner schematics diagram

visit to it have or mail to me. i will send come .hex to you

8051 compatible barcode reader

visit to it have or mail to me. i will send come .hex to you

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