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Links/tips about designing data loggers for temperature of -40 to 80

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May 17, 2002
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Any help on designing data loggers for example for temperature(-40 to 80).
ICs,SCH,low power ,battery ,RAM

Data logger

Hello RTOS51

This link can help you




Garfield :eek:
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i think it is not too difficult.for example,a temprature logger,you need a sensor,which can be a diode ,or a chip such as you can get a temp-voltage signal,then you can conver the voltage signal to digital signal,use a AD is a good idea to use a cpu that can do that job.then you need a low power CPU,depends on what link power you use.if you use a big power supply such as a car battery,a cpu like 8251 is enough.if you use AAA size battery,you must use a low power cpu,such as TMS430 from TI(w* w* also have good cpu for this design.then you need a memory to record the data,which can be a flash memory or a eeprom ,the size you can decide from the data you want to can use a lcd to display the result ,if you can,design a sample keyboard ,can do many things.then do not forget a rs232 ,which can interface with your PC.if so ,you can get the data in your PC,then you can do a lot of things using the data in the PC platform.
can this help you?i hope so.

Maxim/Dallas do a logger that is exactly what you need. No interfacng from a micro. All youu need is a DS1615 chip (or similar in the raange) and a rs232 to ttl convertor. Do a simple program in visual basic and you can get temperature data. There is also a rtc on board, battery info. I built one with a lithium cell and it has been running for almost 3 years!

I have a routine that i wrote in visual basic that you can use to get the information off the device.
Other than that you can use a MCU and this same device or a descrete temperature IC. See microchips appnotes. There is a way to do a crude temperature measurement using the watchdog timer. I guess it all depends on the accuracy you are requiring.

Hope this helps.

Bagster :wink:

I agree with Bagster, Maxim/Dallas have a couple of good application notes that could help you. In particular look for there PC Printer Port Controls Data Logger app note, under there website "h**p://" it does not require a MicroController and they are good about sampling you all the needed IC's.

does anyone have some good data logger software written with Picbasic-pro for use with a pic16f877 and a Ds1307 RTC?

This is a data looger software for looging temp data

Maybe it cann help u




You will find here a good starting point:


Is there a chip for temp datalogger with 32000 point capacity or higher?

U can use DS1621 -55 to 125 or DS1820 as probe
With AVR ,8051 or PIC and external ram or EEPROM
you can make as much logging points as U need or
just send data to PC by 232,485 ....

data logger

thank a lot

Re: data logger

Hello, I made a datalogger for school. The shematic can you find on my website.


Its designed for measuring 5 temperatures.
You should better use a linear voltage regulator for the power supply, you have a greater accuracy then.

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