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LED project run off of one or two 2032 button cell batteries

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Aug 19, 2009
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I hope someone can help me out with my project, I am very new to microcontrollers and need someone to tell me if I am even looking in the correct place.

What I need:
1. Small form is a must.
2. I need it to run off of one or two 2032 button cell batteries (as size is a huge factor).
3. I need to control two LED of different color.
4. I need two press switches to control the entire thing.

Pressing both switches at the same time turns on/off the LEDs. Pressing one switching dims one LED and brightens the other LED, by one step. Continuing to press the switch continues to dim one LED until it is off and brightens the other until it is fully on. The other switch does the same process but the LED are reversed. I hope this makes sense. I need a ten minute timer that shuts off the LEDs and when you turn it back on it returns to the same setting as when it turned off.

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help me out with this project.

Re: Help with a LED project


Led's consume more power. First calculate how long your circuit is going to work with 2 led's with 2032 button cell.

The circuit is not going to consume more. There are pico powered 8 pin micros which has more capabilities than your need.


Help with a LED project

Have you decided on a brand of microcontroller to use? You may want to try the PIC 12F series if you are just starting out and don't have a C compiler. However, if you have experience in C you could also look at the AVR ATtiny series.

Both the PIC12F and the ATtiny should be able to run off 3.3V, so a single 2032 cell will work.

Help with a LED project

i will sugest u start with basic (picbasic or proton basic). u can look up for this book TEACH YOUR SELF PIC MICROCONTROLLER. its a short lesson in basic. i will also suggest the 12f series of pic mcu. good luck

Re: Help with a LED project


For control of leds I use this suplier

It has some chips where you just simply send the duty cycle and the rest is with the chip.

I used in some projects and all ok until now. It send samples also.


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