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Learning embeded linux

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Nov 21, 2009
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Can you guys help me with resources to get started with embedded linux.
I am a hardware engr. I have some familiarity with it. But I want to be more proficient.
These days everything runs on some OS. Can't depend on software engineers for board bring up and debug.
Are there any books/websites?

Embedded linux distros should not differ much from desktop linux, so that you can start by some of the various online tutorials available on the Web.
Embedded linux distros should not differ much from desktop linux, so that you can start by some of the various online tutorials available on the Web.

Thanks. I will check it out.
Do you know of any books on this subject?

This choice is quite personal, due it depends on our previous experience with this operational system; furthermore, you can learn much more practicing directly in the system.

Anyway, if you are not totally newbie with this environment, I can recomend you take a search at some preparatory book used to the LPI-101 level certification examen.

Have a look here:
The BeagleBone Black along with Derek Molloy's text, website and videos are both an economical and up to date means to learning Embedded Linux Systems:

BeagleBone Black

Exploring BeagleBone: Tools and Techniques for Building with Embedded Linux

Derek Molloy's BeagleBone Articles

Derek Molloy's BeagleBone Black Youtube Playlist

Unlike most textbooks, websites and videos covering Embedded Linux Systems, Molloy does an excellent job keeping his BeagleBone Black related material up to date, often releasing revised versions of his videos and website tutorials as new tools and Linux distros are released.

The following texts covering Embedded Linux are some of the most up to date, although O'Reilly is due to release several of new editions of their Embedded Linux series:

Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical Real-World Approach

Essential Linux Device Drivers

I have numerous Embedded Linux development platforms, many of which I've incorporated into commercial products over the years. The BeagleBone Black is currently one of the most economical, well supported and up to date Embedded Linux platforms by which to gain hands on experience with cross compilers/development toolsets, Linux distro issues, kernel and driver development, etc.

Ultimately, as Andre pointed out, "learning by doing" and participating in forums like EDABoard are the best means to learning and mastering any subject.


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