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Is it true that CCS PIC C Compiler does not have support for PIC32 as of yet?

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Apr 17, 2011
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Is it true that only MPLAB and Mikroe PIC32 compiler are available for PIC32?

Quote from their site:
"CCS developed the first C Compiler for Microchip microcontrollers over 20 years ago and continues to provide software solutions to developers of embedded applications using PIC® MCU and PIC24/dsPIC® DSC devices."
Also, if you look on the menus, you can see that PIC32 are not listed, only PIC10, 12, 16,18, dsPIC, PIC24...
And that's all I know. Anybody has more info on it?
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They don't have a PIC32 compiler.

I experienced a CCS learning curve in PIC24 support of at least 4 years. If they announce a PIC32 compiler now (don't know of actual plans), I won't expect flawless operation before 2020.
hmm.. does it actually take so long to write a compiler that works????? I read comment from some on some forum related to some CCS PIC C Compiler and the person wrote that after the release, it took about 1 year for one to get a hello world program to compile and run from it. I don't know what specifically he meant though.

OK, from a general perspective that includes PIC32 and PIC18 and others, from experience do you prefer MPLAB X or Mikroe? in case you have only used one of them, what are some recurring problems you come across that are due to some sort of bug in the IDE or the compiler behind?

I don't have any experience with MikroE. I'm using primarly CCS C for PIC16 - PIC24 and Microchip compiler for PIC32.

My connection to CCS C originates from customer projects. As said, I was struggling with PCD (the PIC24 compiler) a lot in the beginning, but the latest since I have no reason to complain. Problems revealed with complex applications and specific built-in functions, surely not at the "hello world" level.
Why are you looking for other compiler than the Microchip's one?

While not a user of the CCS line of compilers, I thought it worth mentioning that some of possible issues and complexity of writing a PIC32 compiler maybe due in part to the fact that unlike its predecessors, dsPIC33/30, PIC24, PIC18, PIC16, etc., the PIC32 is actually a PIC in name only.

Both the PIC32MX and PIC32MZ are based not on a Microchip designed core architecture, but a licensed MIPS M4K Core or Imagination MIPS microAptiv Core respectively. While Microchip has done fairly good job of hiding or masking many of the key core architecture differences from the average PIC C programmer, they are in fact present and significant.

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