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Is it possible to be freelance electronic engineer?

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Aug 13, 2015
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Hi, First of all, forgive my poor English.
I've completed my bachelors degree in electronics and communication engineering. But I am from an underdeveloped country Nepal located at south Asia. I have sound knowledge for the subjects in this field and my interest is in electronic circuit design and embedded systems. There are no opportunities for this field in my country and i cannot change my geographical location due to some family problem. Besides I have a good knowledge of programming in languages like java, c/c++, python, matlab, and some markup languages like html, xml along with javascript. I am currently working as an android application developer, but this field doesn't satisfy me because my real interest is in electronic circuit design and embedded systems.
I've seen people freelancing software projects, they just do their project in sitting in a place without being involved in any office.
Is it possible to do the same for electronic circuit design projects and embedded system projects (project using cad tools like altium designer, multisim, pspice etc.. or some other way)? If possible then from where should i start to reach my dream? Please Help me I am in a great confusion and cannot take any decision regarding my career.

Personally I know dozens of consultant electrical engineers and have been the one to interview them for positions at places I've worked. A number of them worked exclusively offsite.

All they needed was a company laptop and their own broadband connection to the internet so they could VPN onto our network.


The major issue will be the fact that you are not a senior engineer with lots of design experience. Doing board designs, FPGA designs, analog design, and RF design requires understanding of a lot more than just book knowledge. A company hiring a consultant is hiring for pre-existing knowledge. No company I've ever worked for would be willing to be a training ground for a junior engineer that is a consultant. What the company pays out and what they get has a negative return. Companies don't mind investing in a junior engineer when that engineer is an employee because the hope is that the engineer will become a senior engineer and actually become an asset to the bottom line.

That's what I do. Although I'm 'retired' now, I still do development work on hardware and software and I'm based at home. The difficulty is establishing a customer base, when word gets around that you can do that kind of job, you will find customers come to you (too many in my case!). You may find that being in Nepal is an advantage because the chances are there are fewer competitors than in more developed regions. You may have to travel to meet new customers so be prepared to do that if necessary. Try producing your own web site as a first task, then you can direct potential clients to it, make sure it has a contact form so they can ask you questions easily. After that, try talking to other people in similar situations so you can develop a network to spread news of your business wider afield. It takes time to start up your own company, especially when doing it alone but do not get depressed if things move slowly, they will eventually get better.


you certainly can. but realize that most people design their own circuits, and only when they are stumped and can not figure out how to design the circuit do they go find an external consultant for help. consequently, you will not be getting easy things to design, but instead the sorts of circuits that the company's internal group of engineers can not figure out. in other words, you need to have a LOT of experience designing multiple and varied types of circuits before you can advertise yourself as a design consultant. You get that experience by working in the industry first and designing as many circuits as you can get your hands on.
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