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Is it posible to make a simple mother board

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Oct 18, 2009
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is it possible to make our own mother board with simple architecture. that consists ram keyboard and hard disk interface ?

Besides economic usefulness, what do you consider a simple motherboard? Do you have an idea about the number of involved PCB layers?

Traditional x86 archictecture uses a big amount of chipsets ( BIOS, peripheral interface, bridges,... ), and depending on target use, several of them could be removed.
The PC104 had been used long time to simplest requirements embeeded equipments.

However, ARM11 core is usually applyed at embeeded systems.
What is the propposed application, wich software platform and operational system ?


Traditional x86 archictecture uses a big amount of chipsets ( BIOS, peripheral interface, bridges,... ), and depending on target use, several of them could be removed.
You can get all-in-one X86 PCs, includung all components except the RAM. See e.g. Welcome to DM&P's Homepage

Without discussing the pro and cons of various processor architectures here, we can state that simple (in terms of board complexity) X86 systems are basically possible. They are an option for embedded systems that want to use the X86 architecture for some reason. But that's a discussion about designing embedded system boards. If you want a general purpose "motherboard", you have a rich choice among ready made boards of any size. And unless you target to large quantities and special requirements, you won't think about making your own.

Actually i would like to study the every interfacing made in side the mother board

how a hard disk, optical drive,keyboard,mouse, RAMs can be interfaced with processor.
those are memory mapped or I/O interfaced
how the system bus is organized etc

I'm curious about to study those in practical.


no offence, but you are at least 5-10 years of hard work and learning away from designing your first x86 motherboard, if you ever will be able to do that. Most design engineers even the very experienced ones never do anything that challenging. One project takes almost a year from concept tull production with 8 hour/day 5day/week, plus lets say $2000-30000 funding for a project, also other engineers to be involved with it. I have designed a few X86 motherboards, thats what I do normally, but I have designed complex boards with DSPs andFPGAs before my first x86. the simplest would be lets say 1200 components and 6 layers, but 2000 components and 10 layers is more realistic.

People with skills similar to yours normally design base boards for COM modules like ETX or COM-express or PC104. The COM modules have the processor, chipset, memory and all critical circuits on it. Even this requires knowledge of computer architecture, complex and high speed digital design, signal integrity - at a high level that I think you don't have at the moment.
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