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interface/connecting a pic16f876 with parallax emic tts

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Junior Member level 3
Oct 21, 2003
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emic tts


I am trying to interface a Pic16F876A with a Parallax Emic TTS Module. I am also using mbasic professional version to program the PIC. According to the manual the connections seem relatively simple. However, in all my efforts I think I am missing something. I cannot seem to get the emic to talk or at least mumble a word. I am using the SP+/- with the appropriate rated speaker for sound. Here is a simple program that I wrote to simply test the functionality of the speech module.

CPU = 16F876A
MHZ = 4

tx con n2400 ; baud
stopbit con 500
cmd con 0x00 ;converter text
vol con 0x01 ; volume
spd con 0x02 ; speed
ptch con 0x03 ; pitch
eom con 0xaa ; end of message
msg bytetable "Hello World" ; store message
rst con c6 ; hard reset pin

gosub reset ; hard rest emic


serout b0, tx, stopbit, [cmd, vol, spd, ptch, msg, eom] ; first test
goto main ; keep running the program

low rst ; reset the emic
pauseus 100 ; wait approx 100us
input rst ; float reset pin

I have all the basic connections necessary to power the PIC. B0 is connected to the SIN pin of Emic board. I am also using C6 to the /reset pin of the Emic. The other 2 connections that I am using on the Emic board is VCC and GND. The 2 switches on the Emic are in off position.

Has anyone else successfully used the emic with any PIC? If so, please post your success or if anyone can help me out by seeing my errors, please let me know. I would really like to get this device working shortly. Thank you in advance to everyone who may decide to add something to this thread. I really appreciate it.

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