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interesting problem with printing in PCAD2001 or 2002

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Feb 11, 2002
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Dear friends,
I have following problem in PCAD2001/2002: when trying to print top silk layer together with the top (or bottom or any other) layer in background as a view for better component assembing, I am not able to print refdes text over any pad. Every time the area, where is the pad overmask the refdes text, everytime it seems, that the PAD must be in foreground when printing.
This is an upleasant problem, because if you have the refdes inside the SMD border rectangle, the refdes due to its size must lay over the pad area. This problem does not appear when trying to print in draft quality, but then the picture is not so nice (and usable), as far as the draft display is full of unwanted lines (mainly the poured copper is lined).
Does anybody met with this problem and find a solution, how to do that, respectively how to print selected layer in foreground and some in background?
I am using now only standart windows printscreen key to make a picture of the display, as far as on the display it appears okay, and proces it to get normal colors, but I find this very stupid way to do that.

Another comical thing concerns the displaying of components, which contain lines on the top or bottom layers. The lines in the component displays every time in foreground, even when any other layer is active, tan the layer where this line is on. In this case, this lines of the component overmask the refdes on the display too, on the printing too.

I am not too familiar with this software, so I would like to know your opinion. In case of interest (or my bad english), I can send some problematic pcb for test.

Thanks for reading.

printing in PCAD2001 or 2002


Why don't you try to print Top layer and silk screen with hiding
REF Des, Type and value.
This will show you how the board looks like.
Then try another print with Board, Topsilk and this time enable the Ref Des. (For this you must place the REf des inside the component.)

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It is the same as in PCAD 2000.
I'm printing PCAD PCB files within CAM350 (after import) .

Best regards,


printing another way.


you can set up colour to each layer for printing.(pcad2002)


there you should set top layer pad,polygun,via and line a very light colur(faded). For silk screen layer select black(dark colour) .Now select Top and Top silk layer for printing.

you will get waht you deisred.


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