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Interested in low-level electonics position or related


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Jun 7, 2015
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I have no engineering qualifications but some basic understanding of components/circuits/electronics in general, alongside telecommunications and PV installation work, customer service, teaching, translation from Spanish to English and other assorted jobs. I speak native English, fluent Spanish, basic Catalan and French and German.
I'm looking for an entry-level job or anything that is realistically appropriate to my professional experience and level of relevant knowledge, ideally related to electronics - from customer service to general dogsbody, etc. I think I am realistically conscious of my abilities and shortcomings, humble and honest.
I would be happy to relocate to anywhere I could be employed inside or outside of the EU, preferably with relocation assistance. I currently live in Spain, 20 long, long and sometimes painful years here, and I see no opportunities here to say the least and am getting nowhere and worse so am very fed up and keen to do something useful I am enthusiastic about. It would be nice to study part-time to formalize knowledge and gain a qualification in this field.
I don't expect this post to beat fruit, it might amuse some people, all the same I am serious and willing to try. Many thanks for your time.


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Apr 1, 2011
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Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
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From youth we're taught to think in terms of 'getting a job' but have you ever thought about going into business for yourself? These days a nation's economy is slow or halted. Employers may be reluctant to hire anyone right now. Many businesses are closed however places that are still operating include:

* grocery stores
* take-out eating places
* courthouse
* police station
* hospitals
* pharmacies

So supppose you walk around looking for electrical work you can do. The facility might have a maintenance man but they also might not.

"I notice you have light bulbs burned out. I wonder if your maintenance man is on the job, but if he's not then I can fix it for, say x amount of euro..." And quote a price low enough to be irresistible.

Perhaps if you carry a toolbox they may not think to question whether you have credentials. Why should light bulbs need a high-priced electrician to change them? You can be 'Johnny-on-the-spot'. Many times that's how a fellow gains an opportunity.

There is the legal issue whether you must be insured, or bonded, etc. I don't know how to give advice in that regard.

And be careful about what you offer to fix. Forever afterward you're married to it (in the customer's mind). Be aware of nearby equipment, what works, what doesn't work, etc. There are customers who would pay you for a small job (example, fixing a light switch), then call you back claiming you have to replace their dishwasher for free because it went bad as a result of you working on the light switch!

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