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Installed ICFB6033 ; How do I launch it now

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Mar 29, 2008
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OS : ubuntu 11
I have installed ICFB 6.1 using installscape.
I dont know how to launch it

somebody can kindly help me out in doing the setup
Thanks in advance

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I had also run the following command :

/CAD/Cadence/IC61/tools/bin# lmgrd -c /home/sgrandhi/Downloads/Cadence_IC610/ic610_1.dat -l /tmp/cadence.log

My log file has lot of error messages

The license server manager (lmgrd) running as root:
This is a potential security problem
and is not recommended.
Can't make directory /usr/tmp/.flexlm, errno: 2(No such file or directory)
Can't make directory /usr/tmp/.flexlm, errno: 2(No such file or directory)
Can't open /usr/tmp/.flexlm/lmgrdl.2746, errno: 2
"sgrandhi-Inspiron-1545": Not a valid server hostname, exiting.
Valid license server system hosts are: "computer"
Using license file "/home/sgrandhi/Downloads/Cadence_IC610/ic610_1.dat"
Can't remove statfile /usr/tmp/.flexlm/lmgrdl.2746: errno No such file or directory


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Some more progress.....I found a beautiful link which explains cadence ICFB installation
Install Cadence 6.1 on Ubuntu 10.04 »

But, now I am facing the following issue....kindly someone help me out

root@sgrandhi-Inspiron-1545:/home/sgrandhi# cadence
root@sgrandhi-Inspiron-1545:/home/sgrandhi# icfb &
[1] 9080
root@sgrandhi-Inspiron-1545:/home/sgrandhi# ERROR: $OA_HOME/bin
is not a valid OA bin directory.
Check your OA installation or update the value
of OA_HOME to point to a valid OA installation.
See the "OpenAccess Installation and Configuration Guide"
for more information.
ERROR: Unable to set OA shared library path.

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Some more progress......................

Now, OA path problem is also solved. But, one more new prob has arised

if I say, ICFB & @ the prompt, i see the following issue

\e request 12 error 3 serial 1676
\e Display :0 Error "BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)"
\e request 2 error 3 serial 1677
\e Display :0 Error "BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)"
\e request 2 error 3 serial 1678


can somebody help me with this

Hi satishgra,

Which technology are you using?
How have you solved the problem regarding “Unable to set OA shared library path”?
I have the same issue with my IC614 and Assura.
Please, could you show your script?
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I was using InstallScape.....
OA is a seperate package that needs to be installed

Once after ur done with installing the tools properly through Installscape....It prompts whether to install OA or ont...just say yes and things will be done
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