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Inquiries on the HFSS

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Feb 15, 2015
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Salam All,
Hello :)

I am new to the HFSS, i have these questions. I would be grateful to anyone who would help me.

1. How can we determine the solution frequency? what is the frequency sweep?
2. How can we set the parameters of the infinite sphere?
3. I am getting the same plot for the VSWR and the S11? what does this mean?
4. How can i fillet the edges of a sheet?
5. How can i Compare the results of two antenna designs together?

Any help is appreciated.


a) Solution frequency is the frequency at which HFSS is solving the adaptive passes on. HFSS uses FEM to solve the problem, it does so by successive adaptive refinement passes (You might see the default number of adaptive passes is 6). The frequency at which this solution is carried out is the solution frequency.

b)Now taking the mesh of final adaptive pass , it would solve for the entire frequency sweep.. Frequency sweep is the range of frequencies over which you need the solution.. Note that it won't do an adaptive refinement on all the frequencies, but only at the solution frequency, as it is a very computational cost expensive process.

c) Infinite sphere is the sphere in far-field over which you want to evaluate the RCS or radiation pattern..For proper 2D visualization you can fix theta and vary the phi to get the azimuth plane, you can fix phi and vary theta to evaluate on the elevation plane.

d) VSWR is related to reflection coefficient as
VSWR = (1+reflection coefficient)/ (1-reflection coefficient)

In magnitude scale Ref. coefficient varies from 0 to 1 and hence VSWR varies from an analogous scale of 1 to infinity.

S11 is nothing but the reflection coefficient at input port.
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