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Information about NGN (Next Generation Network)

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May 24, 2007
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NGN is the abreviation of : next generation networks

A ubiquitous community is one that is safe and that fosters peace of mind. It is a place where you can use any service anywhere and at any time.
This community is brought to us by the advent of Next Generation Networks, or NGNs. These networks hold the key to building ubiquitous communities.

What is an NGN?
And how will they change the way we do business and our lives?
NGNs will be as big a revolution as the emergence of the Internet was. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Broadband and mobile networks are continuing to evolve with the increase in terminal device and location connectivity, and this in turn is changing how we do business and our lives.
The expansion of e-business, the advent of new converged services and diverse developments in communications. We can’t imagine a life without broadband and mobile networks. They are the driving force behind these changes for enterprise, society, and individuals.

Each kind of network has its own specific merits and various developments have grown around them.
For example, the Internet favors an open architecture.
Fixed-line phones are selected when we need quality and reliability for real-time communications.
For ease of use anywhere and at any time, mobile phones are often the first choice.
On the down side, information leaks and network-related crimes are increasing, and it is a challenge to maintain the quality of voice and video communications and services on a variety of terminal devices.

To solve these issues, NGNs can be used to take the best features of existing networks and integrate them all into one IP network.
The NGN enables anyone to enjoy peace of mind and comfort; it is a safe, convenient network.

Already, standardization is progressing at a global level, and starting in 2008 NGNs will be used to introduce services in a phased approach.
What are the benefits of an NGN?
The network infrastructure will be faster, have excellent security and a guaranteed level of communications quality.
Additionally, network-based rich and value-added applications can be developed by the user community seamlessly for any communications environments and terminal device.

NGN will give much faster and larger capacity, compared with that of current business networks, and will always be available for anyone to use freely when necessary.
To convey the allure of products, we can combine stereo sound, clear and vivid images, and highly realistic video.
Also, a large number of customers can make full use of real-time multimedia communications.
This service supports large numbers of concurrent users without causing stress to the communication environment.

For all of these services, the quality of communications is guaranteed.
This means that each service provides its users with optimal speed and unbroken connectivity, it’s like having one’s private superhighway.
NGNs can be used to manage service priorities and to maintain communication speed without extra overhead thus providing the most suitable network environment for video delivery and IP-phones, e-mail and business systems, data backup, and much more.

The security functionality of the networks themselves will be also improved.
By combining “terminal authentication” and “user authentication”, spoofing and hacking will be blocked.
Also, NGNs will be used to provide masked IP addressing, filtering, attack surveillance and various other security measures that companies had previously built themselves.
Combining these strong security capabilities will provide a high level of external Internet security.

NGN usage is flexible and efficient: only when the user is actually using the service will the necessary security and guaranteed communications service levels kick in.
This gives mobile services and consumer services the same security, high quality and high-speed communication environment as when using a leased line network, anywhere, at any time.

Moreover, an NGN provides a revolutionary service that accelerates flexible network-based development and usage.

We need the service functionality layer, in order to provide applications such as voice message services, navigation and online stock trading . This layer contains user payment and charge information, location information, and authentication, which in turn need a network control service platform.
Until now, these service functions were provided by separate communications service providers that varied with the type of network.

We can use an NGN to integrate all of these into one IP network thus supporting various terminal devices and networks and providing a common service platform.
The open interface gives developers the freedom to incorporate any service functionality into applications.
This enables each industry or organization to create new services on the basis of the convergence of IT and networking, and be freed from restrictions imposed by the differences between networks or terminal devices. These services can be developed more cost effectively and faster than ever before.

This service platform is used to provide Fixed-line and Mobile communications Convergence, otherwise known as, Fixed Mobile Convergence or “FMC”, providing a seamless service.
For example, a car navigation system displays that can be switched to display on a mobile device screen, then onto a home TV screen.
There is no interruption in the video and no need to reconnect when switching display terminals or to a different communications platform; it simply switches automatically.
Moreover, searching for, purchasing, or paying for related products is a stress-free and seamless process.

A safe, and easy to use network that supports your core business activities…Providing a diverse set of services that fit consumer needs...
Increased productivity; freedom of work-style; invigorating communication…The seamless interaction of terminal devices, networks and services that NGN offers will create a new paradigm for business models based on a single IP network.

Unrestricted by time, or location, or terminal device, all diverse services are fused, as are people, industries, and communities. The NGN age is one that connects while those connected remain flexible.
NEC believes with confidence that the advent of the NGN will bring about a society that supports individuality, delightful daily life, the creation of high-value businesses, and a rich and safe community.

for more info visit :
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What Will NGN Bring About?


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haif said:



NGN is next generation network it work in HF i dont think so....
for example wimax, wba (wireless broadband accses) etc.


you can go to these websites and gather many infos.
these sites are related to huge organizations that are working on ngn standards.


I have need more information , plz

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