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I want to made a PCB XY table engraver

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Feb 7, 2002
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pcb engraver

I need infromation about PCB engraver systeme. I whant to made a XY table for PCB engraving, but I need to know what precission can I reach and for than I need to know what it's possible to buy, and how mush it's cost. I need to know if somebody here use a engraver systeme is it good for home user and prototype pcb ? thanks for your help


xy table design

Look at, they have really nice systems.

I have <Tried> to use an ordinary 3 axis CNC milling machine to do PCB's. But the big problem is to get the spindle at a constant distance from the PCB since all pcb's are slightly uneven. Another problem is to get the very small bits not to break...

If you want to try to do something of your own, my suggestion is to start with the toughest part - the Z-axis - with some kind of mill depth sensor. If you can do that, the rest is easy!

Check out this link: and look in the link page. A good start site for hobby CNC projects.


xy table kit

thanks for your help it's apriciate

cnc xy table

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easy x-y table

mdamdam. I'm not that sure about the 3-axis kit. it's made of WOOD!?!?

They even say in the text that it can be used for LIGHT engraving..., I think that the emphesis on LIGHT is the keyword here. It's nice as a toy or teching tool, but I don't think it can do the job in this case.


korean x-y table

does anybody know a layout-program that can do exact this what we see here:

or a translator that output it as hpgl or gerber or bmp...
I think for homework layout-etching this would be nice ! No many copper must be removed...


rland mdx-20 milling a pcb

Well CircuitCAM or IsoPro can do almost exactly that, just better. (They can create a outline of all tracks and pads). But those programs aren't exactly for free...

x-y pcb

It is worth looking at the Roland Modela 3D mills. I got one on an auction for about $1500 and I use it to mill and drill all my proto pcb's

You need the software PCB Design and Make by the same guys that supply PCB Wizard. This program will allow you to output single and double sided thru-hole layouts to the mill. You can't do surface mount with this SW but I found a way around it by using a combination of C@mtastic and PC paint.

I use the MDX-15. Look at
for specs. These machines sell new for under $3000, much cheaper than the LKPF and others.

I use mine all the time and not just for PCB's. You are limited to 6" X 4" board size.


wood xy table


CNC milling machines, part and software

pcb engraving software

didn't circuit cellar just run a multipart article on how to build your own PCB drilling machine?

you should search their web site and find out which months it appeared in. i know it was spanned over 2 months.

good luck


engraving pcb software

another link
**broken link removed**

x-y engraving table

I am also in the process of investigating the possibility
of making up a small CNC machine for making single-
sided PCBs and engraving panels.

The software package I was going to try first is called

It's shareware, and claims to be able to do PCB
isolation routing from a Gerber file (so you can use
any PCB package to do the layout), on any "hobby"
machine connected to the parallel port.

Disclaimer: I haven't used this package, I don't know
the author, I'm just offering it up as another
possibility for those that are interested.

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